The Top 7 Gadgets Used In Trucks

Technology has come a long way in the trucking industry. Trucks are now equipped with a variety of gadgets that help with navigation, communication, and safety. Here are the top seven gadgets used in trucks today.

Driving a truck and driving a car will require different sets of skills. Since trucks are heavier and larger, you have to be extra careful about its space cushion, stopping distance and curves, and turns when on the road. The weather and your alertness when driving also play a significant role in your safety as a truck driver.

Aside from your efforts, there are now gadgets for your trucks that can help you achieve optimal safety while being on the road and improving your performance as a truck driver. If you plan on driving trucks for the long term, investing in these gadgets is a must.


For you to make cost-effective purchases, consider using the following gadgets for your truck:

1. Electronic Logbook Devices

Your business should be ELD compliant for it to successfully thrive in the long run. This is a US mandate that requires all commercial motor vehicles to maximize electronic logging devices. This is one of the reasons why electronic logbook devices should be on top of your list when looking for gadgets for your truck.

With this gadget, recording the duty status of every truck driver will become a breeze. This information, along with the driver’s activity, will be available through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

2. GPS or Global Positioning System

Unlike a car, truck drivers will have to exert a lot of effort to back up or make a U-turn whenever they hit a dead end. Since trucks are typically used for business purposes, getting lost while driving can also result in loss of customers and profit.

Using a GPS or Global Positioning System can help you steer away from this direction. This gadget provides route optimization, allowing you to reach your destination in the easiest and fastest way possible. Some GPS models also display information about the fuel prices and bridge weight limits on certain locations.

This information ensures transparency and visibility in all of your trips.

3. Dashcams

Regardless of the number of years you have worked as a truck driver, if other drivers are not careful on the road, accidents can still happen. And more often than not, because you’re driving the bigger and heavier vehicle, you will become the party at fault.

If you don’t want this to happen, equip your truck with a dashcam. This gadget can record wide-angle videos on a constant loop through a simple and hands-free method. Generally, a dashcam can capture video in high definition at 30 frames per second.

All of the videos your dashcam records are automatically saved in its memory card, making it very convenient for you to play it back once your truck gets involved in an accident.

4. Coffee Makers

The working schedule of truck drivers also varies from other professions. Most states will only allow trucks to drive at night or in the wee hours of the morning to avoid creating traffic. If you’re currently living in a state or country that follows the same regulation, a coffee maker inside your truck is necessary.

Coffee makers specifically designed for trucks are now available. Most of these coffee makers are compact and lightweight, allowing you to use the gadget while being on the road. These gadgets also come with retractable power cords and impact-resistant features.

Caffeine, once consumed in moderation, is known to improve your mental focus and alertness. How coffee affects the brain can improve your safety on the road regardless of the time you’re driving.

5. Electric Blankets

Because truck drivers do not follow a regular working schedule, they won’t usually have the luxury to sleep in decent accommodations. Truck drivers typically take breaks or get some shuteye by spending the night inside the vehicle.

To ensure that you can sleep through freezing temperatures at night, store an electric blanket inside your truck. This is a cheap investment but can significantly improve the quality and duration of your sleep inside the truck.

Getting enough sleep is essential when you’re a truck driver. A well-rested truck driver can effectively maneuver the vehicle, follow traffic regulations, and avoid accidents.

6. Portable Refrigerators and Grills

Working as a truck driver means that you have to spend most of your days on the road. Having this career will require you to make adjustments to your lifestyle. If you’re used to having someone cook meals for you at home, you’ll have to make them from scratch when you work as a truck driver.

A portable refrigerator and grill are essential gadgets for you to cook meals whenever, wherever. With these, you can stop at the side of the road and prepare meals based on your preferences and nutritional requirements. Healthy meals and drinks can help your body function properly and maintain your safety while being on the road.

Although road-stop diners and truck stops are good options for getting fast food, these establishments don’t always serve healthy meals. Moreover, dining out whenever you’re on the road can lead to a lot of expenses and can even become the reason why your health will deteriorate in the long run.

7. Power Inverters

Because of the advent of technology, several gadgets are now helping truck drivers become more productive. These gadgets can save truck drivers a lot of time without compromising the quality of their performance at work and safety while being on the road. However, all of these gadgets will be useless if you don’t have any electricity source.

For you to use all of the gadgets mentioned in this article, don’t forget to buy a power inverter. This gadget is very handy as it functions as a wall socket and provides power to all of your gadgets.

With a power inverter in your truck, you can cook meals with ease and make use of your smartphone in case of emergencies.

Make Sound Decisions

Nowadays, trucks come in different sizes and purposes. While some trucks are used in construction, others are utilized for delivering fry goods. To help you determine the best gadget for the type of truck you’re currently driving, take some time to research more about the gadgets in this article and consider expanding your options.

Just like your truck, the gadgets you’ll buy for it are also significant investments, which is why you should be careful in choosing.

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