Say a Big No to These Things if You Have Asthma

Asthma and its protective measures are there in the air. You can get a thousand articles on the same, stating the same thing about allergies, pets, dust, and pollutions. Those are really important for your regular life and hence must be kept in mind too. But, have you thought about what are the things you should not do while you go for a trip?

Asthma Patient

A trip is somewhere, where you are going to be involved in different kinds of activities, and there are really some of the activities and some areas of tourism, which can trigger your asthma heavily and can have a deeper impact on you or even take away your life too. Today, we will be telling you about those triggering agents, which must be kept out of your mind by all means, especially while you are on some voyage.

Scuba Diving

This particular thing can surely take away your life if you have asthma. Hence, the straightforward thing that you will have to do here is to state that you have asthma and you cannot go for it by any means. What happens here is also to be noted ad kept in mind too, as knowing anything without logic is surely a superstition.

As you dive inside, there is absolutely no risk for you, but when you get out of the dive, your heart can get blocked. This is not only the case with those who are affected with asthma but is true for all. If you have asthma, the effect of the same can be dangerous and surely can take away your life. The thing that works behind this danger is the air pressure that is built on the bronchi of yours, as you move up from the sea level. Hence, be aware of it and stay away.


The opposite thing to the scuba diving happens here at the time of mountaineering. While in scuba diving, you face the increased air pressure, and that makes a huge pressure over the bronchi, heart, and the lungs. In the case of mountaineering, as you cover up the steep journey, your heart will feel the low atmospheric pressure and hence can stop working even.

The case while you go up is something which can be accidental and can happen to one among ten patients, who are affected with asthma. Even the consequences can be altered with the effect of medications and an inhaler. You can see review of Asthalin Inhaler in USA, because it’s very effective for asthma problem. But the case at the time of coming down from the ranges s same as that of the scuba diving. The immense air pressure that you will be facing is going to put down a huge pressure on your heart, and that might take away your life too.

In fact, for all the asthma patients, it is really dangerous to change the altitude of their movement. So, if you are going for some hill station trip, carry the inhaler and equip yourself with proper medicines too.

Going To The Underground Chambers

Underground chambers, which are some 40-50 meters deep inside the normal land surface, is again the danger spot for you. It can be some caves and can be some chambers that are related to hydel power stations or some stunning mines. There will be no aqua pressure here, and that is certain, but the entire journey is very much disastrous for you.

In normal caves, you will find that while you get deeper, there is more lime content and that will cease the supply of air and oxygen in the chamber, which a normal person can withstand, but one with asthma cannot. Moreover, as you come out of the cave, the air pressure will build up immensely, and that can easily take away your life at ease.

Similar is the case with the mines. There is often a lack of air supply inside, and hence you will face issues there for sure. Along with that, you will be facing the same intrinsic pressure at the time of coming up and getting outside. Hence, if those are there on your trip, either cancel those or stay up and do not change your attitude by any means.

Racing Or Paragliding

Paragliding can be the first and the last flight for an asthma patient on the air – the atmospheric pressure is so high when you come down of it, that you will never be able to withstand it by any means. This is true for all the people who go for the same but withstanding capacity is something that makes the difference. And the thing here is that you will not even get the chance to make out your inhaler out of your pocket in this case. Hence, stay away out of this adventure for a lifetime.

Racing with bikes, motorbikes or a car always includes a rough surface to be covered and hence the change of altitude is here too. Thus that has to be avoided again. A change in the altitude and at such frequency is going to make your heart, lungs and bronchi feel the ultimate shortage of air to be breathed in and hence can be the life taking incidence in your life.

All the above-stated things are practices and activities that you would face at the time of making a trip, and all of them are life-taking activities too. It is not the case with the asthma patients only, but for all. In certain cases, whenever you go for the activities, you will find that life insurance or accidental coverage is made for you, for the risk element that they have. But for an asthma patient, going for those activities is like going to the mouth of the death and hence keep those wishes out of your mind.

To understand the thing simply, make it sure that whenever you change the altitude of your voyage, you are going to face issues with your asthma. You can also get Flixonase nasal Spray at Reasonable Price form In general cases you will have the inhalers with you – so you can use them and survive, but in the above-stated cases, you will not be able to use those inhalers even. Hence leave those and stay fit in your trip.

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