Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Skating is fun, style, and a great hobby. It is a hobby that can keep you stress-free, healthy, and stylish all the time. But to enjoy the fun of skating, you need to choose the right type of skateboard. Nowadays, the electric skateboard is trending. It is automated, easy to use, and most importantly, stylish. Check latest Electric Skateboard review at Topouter.

With its popularity, the market is now flooded with so many brands and products. Finding the best Electric Skateboard for you is tougher than before. But if you can consider some essential things before buying an Electric Skateboard, then you can purchase the right one for you. So read the article until the end carefully. Here we go.


The first thing you need to consider is performance. It is the most important thing to consider all the time before buying an electric skateboard. If you have all other factors presented in the skateboard, but the performance is not good, all your efforts will end in a vein. That is why you must check the performance.

Now maybe you think that how you can check the performance before buying the board. Well, you will find a lot of reviews or feedback from real buyers online. Check all of them, and you will get your answer.


The next thing you need to check is the weight. Weight is significant. But unfortunately, most people do not care about weight at all. I don’t know why, but it is really important. If you buy a board with high weight, it will consume more energy than a lightweight one. As a result, your battery will run less.

Another problem with the heavyweight board is carrying. We all know that we carry the board with us, it is a style, you can say it as well. But when the weight is high, it is really tough to carry. So make sure the board is lightweight.

Weight Capacity

Along with the weight, you need to check the weight capacity as well. Weight capacity means how much weight the board can carry. It determines the ability of the board to carry you. If you purchase a board with 100 pounds capacity, and if your weight is 150 pounds, then the board cannot carry you. Also, the motor might not be able to carry you as well.

That is why you always make sure that you purchase a board with the perfect weight capacity. Then it will give you the best result, and you will get a smooth and high speed.

Battery And Charging Time

Another important thing to consider is battery power and charging time. If you ask me to consider one important thing about the electric skateboard, then I will tell you the battery. The battery is the thing that determines the range you can cover with a single charge.

Just think about it. If your battery is now powerful enough, you cannot get a long ride. It might sustain less than an hour. As a result, you can go somewhere, but you cannot come back at all. That is why a lot of companies focus more on battery and spend a lot of budget on it.

On the contrary, a lot of companies spend less on it and cut the quality. So make sure you have checked the batter quality before buying the best electric skateboard. Don’t care about the price here.

In addition to battery quality, you need to check the charging time as well. If it takes too much time to be charged, you will have to spend a lot of time, and it consumes more energy from your electricity. So be careful about it.

Remote Control

When it comes to remote control, it totally depends on you. You will find good skateboards with remote and without the remote. But what you prefer is what matters. If you like to control your board with remote, you can go for the remote control board, and if you want a manual one, you can go for it as well.

But remote control will be more comfortable for you. You can easily control your board with the remote. One more thing here, when you buy a broad with the remote control system, always make sure that the remote is equipped with a trigger at your index figure, not your thump. Trigger at index finger is more comfortable.


Engine or motor is what determines the speed, smoothness, and riding quality. The more quality and power the motor is, the better. That is why you should consider a powerful motor for your skateboard. If the motor is not powerful, you will not get a good speed and smoothness.

In the market, one motor and two motors boards are available. You can choose any of them. But for good speed, you should select two motor board. Also, if you want to cross the country with your board, you have to choose two motor board as well.


Along with the motor, motor wattage is also essential. By seeing the wattage, you can understand the power of a skateboard. The more the wattage, the more powerful your skateboard is. So if you are looking for a powerful skateboard, then you should go for high wattage.

In general, 1500watt is good enough for more power. If you are living in a hill area, you should choose at least 1500watt motor for your skateboard. It will give you the power to ride in these areas. So check it carefully and match it to your needs.


Other than these, you need to consider the speed as well. The speed limit of a newbie and a pro member is not the same. For a newbie, the speed limit is pretty lower than the speed limit of a pro skater. That is why you need to determine whether you are a pro skater or a newbie.

And if you are a newbie, whether you will continue the electric skateboard for a long time or not, even when you are a pro skater. Based on that, you can go for high speed and low speed. So determine first and then choose wisely.

Deck Style And Materials

This is a part that most people ignore. The deck is the main body of the board. Now, if the quality, materials, and style are not good, then the body of your board is not good at all. So you need to check the style and materials at the same time.

In general, electric skateboard is made of bamboo or fiberglass or carbon fiber. Even some companies combine these two materials and make the board. But when it comes to more flexibility and style, bamboo material is better than the fiber. Check it before buying it.


Customization is fun. Half of your fun of skating is in the customization. You can customize your board as you want if the board is capable of customizing it. Some companies offer this customization facility to the board. But there is a problem there as well.

If you are a newbie, you cannot customize your board perfectly. Instead, you will end up messing the board. That is why if you are a newbie, it will be good for you not to take any customized enable board. However, if you think you will learn it, then you can go for it.


The slope is a factor that you should check though it is not a big deal. If you live in a hill area, then the slope might be a good option. Some companies offer electric skateboard that is good at riding uphill. Not all boards are good for uphill riding. So it totally depends on your needs.


And lastly, check the price. A lot of people out there who do not care about the price. They care about quality all the time. I really appreciate that. Quality is what matters. But not all people have an unlimited budget. We have to choose the right one within our budget.

In that case, you can research before purchasing. Check other qualities, and you need to sacrifice any of the key features when you are cutting your budget. So do it.


These are the things you should consider before buying the best electric skateboard. Surely, you will not get all the features in one skateboard, and you do not need all the features in one skateboard; however, you will get all the required features in one board for sure.

But don’t expect to get it without any research. So do your research. Nowadays, you will find everything online. Use that and buy the best one for you. You know, an excellent electric skateboard can change your experience of riding. So make sure you have considered all the factors and purchased the best one for you — best of luck.

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