Things to do in Marmaris

Marmaris is a dreamy tourist town with by the side of the sea. And who does not dream about a vacation in a sea cottage? Where the sound of waves and sea breeze will wash away all the anxieties. Thus the beautiful coastal town of Marmaris is a top choice of tourists from across the world.


A person doesn’t just sleep and do nothing in their most awaited vacation. He looks out for exciting opportunities and fun things to do along with his most loved people. Marmaris is having a lot of fun opportunities all around. The person who spends his time in Marmaris never gets bored in his vacation.

Here is a list of the top things that you can do in Marmaris:

Get to know the town

Marmaris was once a sleeping fishing village, and the main activity of the town was fishing. Since the 1980s there has been a drastic change, and today Marmaris is a hub for the tourists. People from different continents come together here, which makes Marmaris a cosmopolitan area in true sense. It is a great opportunity for you, so just go our meet people and make friends from different parts of the world.

During your visit to the core and periphery of the town, you will find out that there is actually two parts of Marmaris. One with the old legacy dating back to the Ottoman times, and other modern and the new version. Also, take a look at the Marmaris Castle built by the Ionians, and the museum.

Visit The Water-Parks

Although Marmaris is well-known for its sea and the beaches. Who does not want some extra fun? The water parks with their diversified rides are great places to have some fun. There are 3 well-known water parks in Marmaris.

The Atlantis Water park, Aqua Dream water park, and Star Aqua water park. All three of them are a great place, but people love the Atlantis and the Aqua Dream water parks, and these two remains crowdy most of the time.

They have exciting water rides like wave pools, multi slides, kamikaze slides, etc. The Aqua dream water park has a special ride- Pirate’s ship, Pirate’s tunnel, and Pirate’s waterfall. On the other hand, the Atlantis water park has a dry zone too. You can have fun at either of these parks.

Take A Boat Trip

Boating is like regular activities in Marmaris. And in this segment, this town will never disappoint anyone. It has the cheap all-inclusive boat trip, and again there is also the exclusive Davy Jones pirate boat trips for the fun and party lovers.

The surrounding spaces of Marmaris include Cleopatra Island, Dalyan, Icmeler, Amos Bay, Aquarium Bay, Phosphorous cave. In order to visit this place, taking a boat trip is the best shout for yours. In this way, you will be able to cover all these spots very effectively and enjoy to your fullest.

Most of the boating trips in Marmaris are all-inclusive. You will be getting transportation to and from your hotel, main meals, unlimited local drinks and much more. You will never regret taking any of the boating trips in Marmaris.

Take An Adventurous Horse Safari

A land of Marmaris is as rich as its water. Covered with beautiful deep green pine forest, it is a true gem of nature. As a nature lover if you want to explore the dry regions of Marmaris and have some fun at the same time. Horse safari is the perfect option for you.

There are several clubs in Marmaris that arranges the Horse safari. You will start your rides from these beautiful ranches and cross your path across the pine forest, orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens, wild rivers and much more beautiful gift of nature.

In the way, you can take a short break, grab fresh fruits from the orchards, talk to the local people, eat in the local village restaurants, and pass a quality time. For all the adventurous people out there, the Horse safari will be a memorable event.

Dive Into The Underwater World

The under Water world of Marmaris is a rich one. To be honest, if you do not dive in the waters of Marmaris you will be missing a huge opportunity. Under the clear blue water, a whole diversity of colourful aquatic flora and fauna exists.

As you dive into deep water, you will be amazed by the mesmerizing view of the fishes and the corals. If you have waterproof gadgets, don’t forget to immortalize this beautiful experience of yours by taking photos. Apart from photos, you will also be gaining valuable diving experience hours and a certificate.

Take A Day Off To A Different Destination

Marmaris is a great place to pass the time of your vacation. But won’t it be great if you can visit the adjacent tourists’ hot spots? In that way, you would be able to gain insights about other parts of Turkey as well. Marmaris is not the representative of the entire Turkish culture, and while you are in a country with such great visiting spots. It is actually unwise not to cover most of them.

You will be getting several single days out packages from Marmaris. By booking them you can visit Pamukkale, Ephesus, Icmeler, Rhodes, etc. Don’t just miss this great opportunity.

Visit The Local Villages

The new Marmaris is dedicated to tourist attraction. But on the other hand, the local villages carry the true essence of Marmaris culture. The Villages near Marmaris like Orhaniye, Turgut, and Bayir have their own essence and way of life.

You will get to see the beekeeping techniques from the villagers of Bayir, take a quick taste of pine honey from there. The Turgut village has got some people who claim to understand the voice of ancient trees. You can only see these mysterious and traditional values with your own eyes when you take the guided village tour. So, if you want to learn about cultural diversity, take this trip.


Apart from the activities listed above, there are a lot of other fun things to do as well. In fact, you will never be able to cover them in a single trip. Tourists get spellbound to Marmaris due to its richness of fun activities. And crave to return here again and again.

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