Things to Prepare When Camping for The First Time With The Whole Family


 Ask the boy scouts about camping, and they’ll describe it as a backbreaking activity. Indeed it truly is an activity that requires a lot of effort and preparation, but why do families consider this endeavor as a leisurely activity that can strengthen the bond between the young and the old? 

 Well, the answer is simple — camping requires teamwork and to be a family, teamwork must be learned. With the absence of modernization’s aid, you’ll only have each other.

 Now, how can you turn this taxing activity into an enjoyable experience for the whole family? 

  1. Book Campsite in Advance

  Technically, you can camp anywhere given that you ask for a permit. Make sure that you pick the best spot you can find as you will be spending your days and nights there until your activity ends.

  Do all this months before your planned activity or the soonest time possible. There are other campers out there who might take an interest in the spot that you also like. 

     2. Don’t Forget to Bring a Tent

  Camping is not camping without a tent, and don’t bring just any tent! Bring the best one — a tent that is durable and easy to handle. 

  Don’t forget to waterproof your tent. The weather is unpredictable. If this is your first time camping, it’s better that you learn how to waterproof a tent. 

Also, you can opt for a cabin tent as you are camping with the whole family and you need a comfortable space for all of you. A cabin tent is big enough to serve as a shelter if you are camping with 4 or more people. Just look online for some of the most popular choices, and you’re good to go.

  A tent serves a lot of purposes. One, it’s for the privacy of whoever will be using the tent. It’s where you and your family will rest. It will also be keeping you safe from outside elements or animals. Without a tent, camping will be a risky endeavor. So, before even planning to camp, buy a tent.

     3. Keep a Checklist in Hand

  To be a good camper, you have to be responsible and dependable. Keep a checklist in hand and make sure that you’re doing everything right. One mistake can make the enjoyable experience a fiasco. 

Have you packed the marshmallows? Oh.. the kids would surely have a bad day if you didn’t!

      4. Have a Thorough Plan Ahead


  Once you’re at the camping site ready for action, there’s no going back. If the activity is supposed to take place next month, it doesn’t matter! Plan ahead of time. Do the necessary research that will keep you and your family safe. 

  Think about all the problems that you can possibly encounter. Take note of all the things that you’ll need from your first to last day. How about the weather? Watch videos online of other people’s experiences or read articles online.  


      5. Pack All Necessities

  Once you have everything planned out, it’s time to pack! 

  This may be the most important part of the trip — packing. Forget about bringing the packed food, and you’re likely to receive a variety of slurs. 

  Don’t forget about first aid kits. Remember, you’re not at home, nor will you be having the convenience of concrete roads. 

Make sure that your first aid kit has the following:

  1. Adhesive Tape
  2. Flashlight with extra batteries
  3. Scissors
  4. Safety pins
  5. Antiseptic wipes
  6. Tweezers
  7. Sterile gauze pads
  8. Elastic bandages

Keep in Mind

  Safety must always be your priority. If you don’t think that a camping site will be safe for your family, find another one.

There are also more factors that you must consider, such as whom you’re going with. Will there be elderly coming with you? How about their health?

See to it that the weather will be fine on the day that you’ll be camping.

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