6 Things You Must Carry When Traveling With Your Pets

Traveling by yourself is never easy. It can be time-consuming and lead to a lot of stress. It becomes harder having to do the same but with your pet alongside you.

When traveling with your pet, make sure to carry a few things. Among them, here are six of the most crucial ones.

Traveling With Pets

#1 ID Tags

Your pet can’t find its way back to you if you lose it in a foreign place. To prepare for such situations, you must ensure that whoever finds your pet knows how to reach you. Since your pet can’t speak the human tongue, you need another method to communicate with whoever ends up finding your beloved traveling partner. That’s where the ID tags come in.

On the tags, make sure you write your name. Write your full address, email address, and mobile number too. Mention the address and phone number of wherever you’re staying when traveling far from home.

These days, dog and cat collars come with GPS tracking devices to tell you their exact location. The device works for at least two to three days on a full battery. So, that’s also something you can take with you when you’re traveling with your pet.

#2 Vaccination Records

Due to COVID-19, people these days are traveling with their vaccination records. With them, many countries are denying entry to foreigners. However, did you know that this system of showing vaccination records upon arrival has been around for animals for years?

People traveling with pets are required to carry their pet’s vaccination records. Within the European Union (EU), they even have something called a pet passport. That passport contains everything there’s to know about the pet, including its vaccination details.

The authorities might deny entry to your pet if you fail to present these documents to them. Likewise, they might also ask your pet to take additional vaccination shots upon arrival at the destination country.

#3 Necessary Food and Medication

Carry whatever food or treat your pet enjoys the most. It’s what your pets will only eat during the trip. You can try feeding them regular food, but it’s not advisable, especially if they aren’t used to regular food.

Remember to carry medicines too. You may find the same medication at your destination, but they might cost more.

You can compare the prices between brand-name drugs and generic ones by checking out the costs on a pet store website like PetCareRx. If there’s not much difference between the prices, you can always opt for the branded ones. However, as these drugs might cost more near tourist areas, bring them from home.

#4 A Padded Mobile Crate with Proper Ventilation Facilities

Since you can’t get your pet a seat on a plane or bus, you’ll just have to make other arrangements for it. The best solution is to take a mobile crate with you.

The crate needs to have padded walls. That will prevent your pet from getting hurt if the crate ever takes a bump. It also needs proper ventilation so that your pet can breathe comfortably.

#5 Necessary Grooming Products

Suppose you’re on vacation with your dog and visiting a scenic downtown area. There, you want to take some pictures of your beloved dog. Before you can carry on with the shoot, you need to make sure your dog looks gorgeous. That’s why you’ll have to carry all the necessary grooming products with you.

From shampoos to hairbrushes, never leave anything behind that can help you groom your pet. It’s always a good idea to bring at least two brushes with you if you somehow lose one.

#6 Litter Box and Waste Bags

Traveling with your pet means that you’ll be out in public a lot. These include places like parks, lakes, museums, and other public tourist attractions. While there are washroom facilities in these places, they aren’t meant for your pet. So, you’ll have to carry waste bags with you to dispose of the waste.

You must pick up after your pet. Never leave waste out in public. Carry the waste bags wherever you go.

For your stay at the hotel, carry a litter box. You can find litter in most places. However, do check beforehand whether or not you can buy litter from nearby stores. In case you can’t, carry the litter with you too.

So, don’t forget about these six things when traveling with your pet.

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