7 Things That You Definitely Need to Consider When Creating a Collage

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Whenever you come across the term collage, it is going to evoke numerous memories of your school scrapbook, with unique arrangements of floating eyes, lipsticks, or even mismatched letters, which were torn apart from the pages of different fashion magazines. However, a collage is going to be a lot more. It can be a good weekend activity, one of the most relaxing hobbies that you can take up especially for your evening after you have completed work, or it can also be a professional business. According to www.beebom.com, 50 million people prefer using collage making applications.

Whatever you are responsible for creating a collage, given below is a list of certain tips that are going to help in creating a beautiful as well as a balanced piece of work. You can consider the list of tips that have been mentioned below.

Consider the composition

When you are thinking of starting your collage, the first and most important things that you have to do is think of the composition and the manner in which you are going to curate the collage. You should try to use a number of compositional techniques, which include the rule of thirds, or you can also try to capture movement as well as fluidity in the piece. The beauty associated with working with numerous existing materials is basically that you are going to have numerous elements as well as starting points, and hence, creating a collage is a huge process of trial and error in order to understand what is going to work.

You need to ensure that you are holding yourself back from sticking anything early and make sure that you are having fun by experimenting with different kinds of arrangements. Also, if you are not happy with the result, you can always start again.

Choose your theme

If you find it extremely difficult to find an ideal inspiration for the collage, it is a good idea to provide yourself with an interesting theme, because if you are setting a limit, it will be easier for you to take creative decisions. Your theme can be summer or it can be anything abstract as well. In this manner, you will be using the materials, which are going to resonate ideally with your theme. Also, you are going to become more creative, which will help in building a perfect image bank. This is one of the best ways of churning out different kinds as well as numbers of collages.

Using contrast to building tension

It is believed that one of the effective strategies that experts suggest to follow when you are approaching any kind of design, irrespective of whether it is architecture, cinematography, or graphics design, is making use of contrast. An ideal contrast dose is capable of creating a great tension in any particular piece and tension is something that each and every individual is going to respond to in a perfect manner.

You should do market research before designing anything for the branding purpose. When you are creating your collage, you have the option of putting elements, which are contrasting. For instance, you can include a white scene and vintage black with any contemporary or loud photograph. This is going to create intriguing tension in the minds of the individuals.

Working with textures and patterns

You can easily overlook the elements, which are less obvious and are normally found in a huge number of magazines. As opposed to focusing on any figurative imagery, it is a great idea to look for the repeating patterns. These factors include a carpet or wallpaper, the billows of any silk shirt, completed with shadow and light, or even the amazing texture of a feather or even curly hair. When you zoom in on all these elements and make use of clever crops, the abstract additions can be transformed in a unique manner, and catch the eyes of the viewers.

Incorporate typography

If it is done in the right manner, typography is capable of turning any simple and ordinary image into a strong message, a sign of protest or even any quirky poster. Most people prefer mixing letters. However, in order to be unique, you can make use of entire words and also mix different kinds of fonts, like san serifs with serifs, light, and bold fonts, etc., so that a certain amount of tension can be created. You can also check the free fonts, which are available on the internet.

A single prominent letter is responsible for playing the most defining role when it comes to a particular piece of art. Therefore, one letter can be used in a number of creative as well as meaningful ways. When you think carefully as well as thoroughly when you are including any letter, you can make your collage look like an ideal piece of advertisement as well.

Ensure that you are playing around with lots of colors

You cannot deny the fact that color is definitely an important element in every piece of art as well as design, irrespective of the genre. In a collage, the best way of familiarizing with different tones of colors is by setting the challenge of creating a single piece by making use of one color only.

For instance, you can use only blue. When you are searching for a blue color, you are going to understand that the blue color of the sky is different in comparison to the blue color of the water. In fact, different kinds of blues can be used for water. Apart from that, blue color can even appear from certain things you are not going to expect, like shadows or window reflections.

Considering a negative image

When you will be working with digital software or even real paper pieces, the manner in which you are cutting the paper pieces is going to remain the same. When you are using existing materials, happy accidents can happen anytime especially when the images are removed. When you are cutting something, ensure that you are turning your piece of paper in order to understand if the other side has an interesting form. Ensure that you are playing around with negative as well because you can make exciting things by exerting little effort.


It is important that you consider certain important things when you are creating your collage. Ensure that you are going through the list of the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can be successful.

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