MedTech Exec Tim Murawski Fishing for Tranquility

Saying that the life of a MedTech executive is hectic would be an understatement. From managing a diverse team of professionals to bringing new revolutionary technologies to the market, it can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day busyness of it all. But for Tim Murawski, it’s important to draw a clear line between work and play. Over the course of his career in this fast-paced industry, he’s been fortunate enough to do just that. And for Tim, one of his favorite places to wind down is in nature itself, namely on the water. An avid barefoot water skier and boat enthusiast, Tim has also cultivated a lifelong love of fishing, which he shared with us today.

Tim Murawski Fishing for Tranquility

Life On The Lake

“I’m drawn to the water,” Tim Murawski explained. “My wife and I have always been drawn to water as far as summertime, spending time out on the water when we vacation [and] being around the ocean.” So when the Murawski’s were able to find the perfect lakefront property, they jumped at the chance. For the past three years, they’ve enjoyed life on the lake, along with all the access to both watersports and fishing that it brings. As an avid fisherman, Tim has more than taken advantage of being right on the water.

When asked what he enjoys catching in the lake, he revealed he’s not particularly picky about what he goes after. So there’s a variety of fish on the lake, anything from the walleye to northern pike, largemouth bass, [and] musky. Those are the main species that are in the lake, so I fish there as well as I go to Canada usually on a fishing trip with my brother and my father [each year]. For Tim, this family fishing trip has led him to some of his favorite fishing destinations.

Tim Murawski Fishing

Tim Murawski’s Top Fishing Destinations

For over 30 years, Tim Murawski said his brother, father, and he traveled to Canada in pursuit of the best fishing spots. “We’ve done that for over 30 years as we get together and just all reconnect and spend time fishing and just bonding and catching up on life.” It was clear from our conversation that Canada itself is one of Tim’s favorite places to fish, even in its most extreme regions. He described a trip to the Arctic circle that ended up being a great adventure: “My father and I, we took a trip up to the Arctic circle about 15 years ago and we fished for Arctic grayling. And that was fantastic.”

When asked if he would recommend fishing up in Canada’s farthest northern reaches, he said yes, especially for those who enjoy traveling off the beaten path and getting adventurous. “Yeah, I would say in the ES, because it’s absolutely pristine in terms of the environment. And I think that you get a tremendous appreciation for it. And you go there when it’s summertime, but then it also when speaking with the guides and people that are up there, you also get to talk

Even in some of the most remote, harsh environments, Tim Murawski still finds a sense of serenity out on the water (or ice). “That’s the nice thing too [since] my work life is so busy and hectic, I truly appreciate the serenity of nature and just the quietness of it. And I think that’s one of the things that I, again, whether it’s me being on the boat, on water, or all of that, it just quiets my mind and gives me the ability to just focus on the people that I’m with and to enjoy the moment.”

Tim Murawski

His Biggest Catch

While Tim Murawski made it clear that for him, fishing is more about finding peace in the moment than chasing the biggest catch, he did share with us some of his “most prized” catches. He says his biggest fish to date probably came from his adventure up to the Arctic circle. “I would say, I think of when I was up at the Arctic circle, I was catching Arctic grayling, which that’s a smaller fish. But there was also a very large northern pike. And it was probably a 50-inch northern pike that’s up in the Arctic circle that I had caught.”

On the lake he calls home, he said his biggest catch to date has probably been a 40-inch musky. “That’s what I’d call quote-unquote, some of my most prized catches.” We also asked whether or not he had ever been deep sea fishing, or if that was something he’d ever be interested in. And while he hasn’t as of yet, knowing Tim, he’ll never pass up the opportunity for a new adventure if the opportunity presents itself.


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