How Can You Stop Buddy Punching In Your Office with a Time Duration Calculator

Buddy Punching: Buddy Punching, Today’s technology can put a stop to such practices. A Time Duration Calculator will keep track of hours worked by an employee…

Workplace employee management is a constant, hands-on task for employers. Workers are always looking to short-change the system and use it to their benefit. Time theft is one such misuse. It involves employees manipulating the number of hours they’ve worked so that they can extract money for work they haven’t done.

No matter how hard companies have tried to prevent such abuses, they have come up short. Older technologies like punch-in machines have been easy to game by employees. It has thus far been difficult to keep track of employees in on-site workplaces. Things like ‘buddy punching,’ where one employee punches in for another, have been the norm. A survey shows that over 50% of US employees have buddy punched or continue to do so.

Buddy Punching

Today’s technology can put a stop to such practices. A time in and out calculator will keep track of hours worked by an employee strictly. They can’t be manipulated like the previous technologies, saving the company time and money in the process.

Protecting Against Buddy Punching

The time duration calculator is a product of the latest innovations in employee management technologies. It replaces the traditional punch-in machines with a software platform that is ubiquitous, precise, and intuitive. Also called the time in and out of the calculator, it is a must-have for companies due to the many measures that help stop time thefts like buddy punching.

Anywhere Clocking Facility

Punch-in machines are typically present only in the premises of the company’s office. It could be present at a construction site sometimes. This duality creates a problem if an employee has to check-in at one place and move to the other for work. That employee will have to return to the site to check out, or vice-versa.

It is at times like these that buddy punching happens. A buddy at the site could punch in for an employee before the person has set foot there. This employee can come over to the office directly without having started their work at the site for the day.

Internet-based time duration calculators can help stop it. Such a calculator has the option to clock-in and out from anywhere. The times register on a central server. The platform is available on a slew of devices, including phones, so the employee needn’t come to a stationary machine anymore.

Global Access and Control

Punching-in doesn’t allow for related authorities to view the data in real-time. Buddy punching exploits this factor. The lack of scrutiny ability lets buddy punchers get away undetected until it’s too late.

The time duration calculator eliminates that loophole. The interface is accessible by anyone authorized. The team manager, for example, can view who has clocked-in and when on their device. They can also monitor the working hours of employees from any location in real-time.
Any discrepancy will be notified by the platform directly to all those concerned immediately. HR personnel can step in to correct any issue that may have arisen due to this facility.

Convenient Time-charting

Delegating different works to different employees at set intervals of the day is a very challenging task. Monitoring it is even harder. Time duration calculators offer time-chart creation abilities to help overcome this challenge.

These platforms link directly with calendar apps like Google Calendar. These apps allow the entering of tasks into particular time slots. This way, the employee will know what they should be doing and when.

This facility counters buddy punching. One can’t punch-in or out for their buddy beyond the scheduled time. The duration is known, and the extension can be scrutinized via various means.

Geo-fencing and Biometrics

Geo-fencing is the usage of GPS to monitor the location of an object within a designated area. The system will notify their supervisors if an object or person goes out of the virtual boundary.

Time duration calculators have geofencing embedded in them. They use the GPS on employee’s phones to conduct their monitoring. An employer may geofence a construction site, for example. Employees can be constantly monitored, and any attempt to leave the boundary will be known instantly.

This facility eliminates buddy punching as an employee can’t leave or arrive later than they did. The mismatch in the location and clock data will immediately send an alert to their supervisors. Late-comers will be notified via an update by the system automatically, registering their lack of punctuality.

Biometrics can play a role; fingerprint and face unlocking can function as authentication mechanisms. The clock-in or out will only be registered if the system verifies these biometrics. A buddy can’t help here as these are unique to an individual.

A time in and out calculator is a big step in preventing buddy punching. It can work with policies to eliminate time theft for good.

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