The 13 Best Alternatives to Tioanime to Watch Anime Online [2022]

Tioanime not working? We collect the 13 best alternatives to watch anime, doramas, OVAs and movies online in Spanish with subtitles and HD quality.

What Is Tioanime?

Tioanime is one of the most popular pages on the Internet to watch anime online in Spanish. Unfortunately, the stability of the page sometimes leaves something to be desired. Meanwhile, some countries block access to the website for legal reasons, as is the case with Roja Directa and other similar websites.

The good news is that there are many alternatives to Tioanime to watch online for free from your mobile and from any device with a compatible browser. On this occasion we have compiled eight of these pages and applications that at the date of publication work correctly in much of the world.

As we usually warn in these cases, the nature of this and other articles is only to inform the readers . At no time do we encourage the viewing of content protected by image rights. Nor do we link to the websites mentioned in the article.

Features of Tioanime website

  • It has the best HD anime in English dubbed and subtitled.
  • It’s totally free!
  • It’s a popular destination for anime fans.
  • It’s the most popular anime streaming website, with tens of millions of visitors each month. In comparison to other anime websites, Tioanime has the largest collection, which it consistently uploads in every video quality – from 240p to 1080p.
  • It offers a straightforward user interface and a wide range of genres from which to pick, such as horror, comedy, romance, fighting, and adventure.


List of Tioanime Categories

Romance Supernatural
Comedy Magic
Fighting Space
War based Cartoons
Adventure Cars
Thriller Fantasy
Vampire Parody
Sci-fi Psychological
Horror Martial Arts


Tioanime Alternatives – Top 13 Sites Like Tioanime To Watch Anime For Free

Listed below is a good alternative to Tioanime if you’re a fan of anime latest episodes.



One of the best pages to watch anime series in Spanish. Unlike the vast majority of alternatives to Jkanime, Jkanime hosts the player that makes it possible to play the chapters within the website itself . This means that we do not have to resort to pages of dubious origin with inserted advertising and pop-up windows.

As far as content is concerned, the page has a multitude of series and dramas to watch online. From the best known, such as Naruto, Dragon Ball or Bleach to others less known. Most are in HD quality and with Spanish subtitles.



Another alternative to Tioanime that despite not being as complete as Animeid, has little or nothing to envy this one, at least in terms of amount of content. A grosso modo , Animeid has the same viewing options and discharge Tioanime : from a video player inserted to download Mega options and other hosting services.

The negative point of this is perhaps the high number of advertising that the page has, which is why we will have to be careful when navigating between its content . Otherwise, the page offers the same series and dramas as Tioanime and the rest of the pages. It has, by the way, an application for Android, which we can download from the page itself.



Animeindo is the next title on our list. It’s another another amazing resource for finding and downloading manga and anime. You can browse the most recent anime episodes on the home page. Subtitles aren’t an issue because episodes are subbed, and dubbed content is available as well. Since the bulk of the audience doesn’t speak Japanese, this is a huge advantage. Consider this Tioanime alternative as your next stop for all things anime online.



Anime movies, dramas and all kinds of anime content from Japan. GoAnimeList comes as one more alternative in Spanish that also has part of its content in Latin Spanish and Indonesia for those visitors from Latin America.

Little to highlight about the latter, apart from the fact that it has embedded players, download links to cloud storage services and a forum in the form of a Facebook page whose main function is to share series links and publish anime memes.



A page that despite being accessible from computers and tablets, its main purpose is to offer animes, manga and movies on mobile devices as it has an interface perfectly adapted to Android and iOS phones. Since it does not have a very high number of advertising, we can navigate in a relatively comfortable way from our smartphone.

As for the content of Animeblix, it does not differ much from the rest of the options: popular dramas, hit animes and series that are currently on air. The website also has a comments section with a fairly active community for itself.



As the name itself indicates, Animixplay focuses its content solely and exclusively on anime series with subtitles in Spanish and Latin Spanish . It also has Japanese, Chinese and Korean movies and OVAs, although in a much smaller number than the rest of the pages to watch anime.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the platform is that the loading time is quite high , at least as far as the web interface is concerned. To see series through the links that the page provides we will not have any problem. It also has several communities on WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter to share concerns with other otakus.



On Gogoanime, you can watch both new and old anime series in high definition. Anime can be found under areas such as ‘popular anime this week,’ ‘newest recommendation,’ and more on the website’s homepage. You’re immediately up to date on the hottest new releases thanks to this. The main drawback of this website is that it displays advertisements and pop-ups, like all other free video sites like Tioanime. This isn’t a deal breaker, but anime fans will still find it a welcome change.



Along with Holanime, one of the first pages to arrive in Spain with anime and related content (doramas, movies, etc.). Today the web has been forced to introduce advertising spaces in the links when viewing anime online so that the project remains in force. It is not the best Tioanime alternative if we want to see many episodes but it is one of the most complete, since it has all kinds of titles of Asian origin.



The Streamani website comes as one more alternative to Tioanime, with a catalog very similar to the rest of the alternatives. Unfortunately, the page has a fairly high number of inserted advertising that is reflected when clicking on certain links. The good thing is that it has a section entirely dedicated to manga.

Another aspect that characterizes Streamani is that some of the chapters that it links are found on YouTube through accounts that publish the videos in secret to avoid being detected by third-party companies. Ideal if we are going to access from the mobile or a tablet.



When it comes to the top Tioanime alternatives, Nekonime should not be overlooked. The website offers a wide range of anime, from the oldest and rarest to the newest and most recent.

Along with the normal, this website also has a new season page that displays newly released anime so you don’t miss out. If you enjoy anime, you should visit this website. Even if you don’t have anything specific in mind to watch, Nekonime is guaranteed to have something worth your time.



Watchcartoonshd is one of the most popular anime streaming websites like Tioanime. It is quite simple to use, especially since there is no need for the user to join up. All you need is an updated flash player on your device, and you’re good to go.

The home page displays the most recent uploads, while the rest may be found via the search tab. They also have a section at the top of the menu with a timetable of all the anime shows that will be posted.



Because of its constant updating, Animesfoxbr is regarded as one of the better options for watching anime online. They have a large number of episodes that may be found by browsing their categories. Newly added series, ongoing series, and a complete list can be found on the website. It is absolutely free, making it one of the most popular Anime websites like Tioanime.



Ytanime offers a simple layout that allows you to see new anime additions to the site as well as search for certain titles. It is a free-to-use platform, although the free edition contains advertisements. If you want to avoid advertisements.

Tioanime Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need know about Tioanime.

What exactly is Tioanime?

Tioanime is an anime-focused streaming service. It is free to use for everyone, however there is a paid subscription option for additional benefits.

Is it necessary for me to pay for Tioanime?

Tioanime is a free and open platform for everyone. Because it is browser-based streaming, it is compatible with all devices. Tioanime also has a premium subscription option.

How do I get anime from Tioanime?

Choose the anime that you wish to download and watch. When the video starts playing, right-click on it and select “Save Target As.” Your download will begin shortly. This functionality, however, is not guaranteed on all Tioanime alternatives.

What is it about Tioanime that has made it so popular?
The sheer volume of anime available in English dubbing and hardcoded English subtitles made for a fantastic platform. Furthermore, streaming was free and did not require registration.

Why should you choose Tioanime Alternatives?

Tioanime substitutes are similar to Tioanime. As a result, they are all attempting to replicate the features and content that have made Tioanime so famous in the anime community.

What about the subreddit Tioanime?

The Tioanime subreddit is still active. Instead of updates on new Tioanime content, the conversations primarily revolve around working Tioanime alternatives. It’s a good place to go if you want to stay up to know on new Tioanime alternatives.

Is there virus in Tioanime?

The original Tioanime was rather risk-free. The same cannot be stated for the numerous Tioanime alternatives that are currently available on the internet. Always use caution when it comes to where you watch and what you obtain from these options.

Pro tip: Do not stream from any Tioanime alternative that is not HTTPS-secured.

Why should I watch Tioanime alternatives?

Although Tioanime rivals might not have the same amount of anime content as the original website, they strive to be the best. In new releases, you can expect to see new anime from a variety of genres.


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