Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain This Winter


As the winter holidays are approaching, it is of the essence to ensure that you are physically fit and ready for the holidays. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that it is during this season that people tend to eat and drink more as they enjoy the holidays. This brings to light the importance of hitting the gym and transforming the accumulated fats into muscles. Additionally, you might also consider putting into consideration the following tips that can help you avoid weight gain during the winter holiday season.

Staying Physically Active

They say prevention is the best medicine, a rule of thumb that certainly applies to unhealthy weight gain. Joining one of the many popular gyms in Tucson and other major cities can be a major stride towards avoiding weight gain during the holiday season. By exercising, you are guaranteed to lead a positive life free from weight-related medical conditions. Don’t wait until the new year to get in shape. Start now and keep the extra weight from appearing in the first place.

Choose Between Snacks Wisely

During the holiday season, coming across unhealthy snacks such as cookies is a common occurrence, and if you happen to lack the ability to fight off the urgency to consume these unhealthy snacks, then you might find yourself caught between lousy eating habits and maintaining your physique. You are more likely to encounter unhealthy snacks during the holidays if you frequently visit friends, as compared to when you spend the day indoors. If it comes to a point where you find yourself munching snacks just because you can see them, it is a clear indication that you should take steps to reduce your consumption. Always opt for fruits and real food rather than snacks.

Practice Mindful Eating

During the holiday seasons, the presence of food is guaranteed, and with this, you are likely to practice binge eating. Apart from this, due to the various activities associated with holidays, you might find yourself eating more than normal since you are unable to pay close attention to your body’s demand. To avoid this, always ensure that your feeding behaviors match your activities. If you happen to forget that you had taken something, it is advisable to take water as it tends to cool you down and bring you back to your senses.

Get Sufficient Sleep

The hassle and bustle associated with holidays may make it hard for you to get sufficient sleep. Research has shown that people with sleep deprivation are more likely to suffer from weight gain as compared to those who get adequate sleep. The notion behind this argument can be based on the fact that if you don’t sleep as required, you will always tend to eat more since you tend to become hungrier. Additionally, fatigue, associated with a lack of sleep, may also prevent you from exercising, an instance that facilitates weight gain. It is, therefore, advisable to ensure that you get enough sleep regardless of how busy the holiday season might be on your side.

Weigh Yourself Regularly

As weird as it might sound, keeping tabs on your weight can help you determine whether or not you are adding weight contrary to your expectations. If it comes to a point where you have gained more weight than you could have expected, hitting the gym or exercising regularly can come in handy.

Avoid Taste-Testing As Much As Possible

When you are responsible for ensuring what your visitors will eat, you are more likely to have a taste of your food to ensure that what you prepare for your visitors suit your preferences and keeps them asking for more. However, as important as this might be, taste-eating is more like binge eating, and in most instances, you will find yourself eating more than you had bargained for at the start. This is a recipe for weight gain, and if you don’t control it, you will likely add some pounds of fat before the season ends. If you are responsible for taste-eating, always ensure that when it comes to having your own share of the food, take as little as you can as a way of accommodating what you had taken during the cooking process.
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