Tips For Better Nasal Health During Winter

With anything physical, some level of personal attention is necessary for best overall functionality. If you want to have the ability to jump high, you’ll need to exercise your thigh muscles properly. If you want to run far, you’ll have to hit the gym and increase your physical tolerance. People understand these things directly, they don’t realize there are niche health tips.

For example, consider your nose, and the winter. When you inhale cold air, your nose actually “treats” it in terms of temperature; but you’ll feel how cold it is in your nostrils. If it’s chilly enough, moisture could freeze on the hairs protruding from your nose, or on the mustache above your lip. Even if you have no mustache, moisture can freeze on your upper lip.

However if there’s no moisture, then the inside of your nose will crack, and become full of dried phlegm. If you pick at this dried phlegm, you may very well remove it successfully; but you’re also quite likely to scratch the internal lining of your nose. When you do that, your nose bleeds. When it bleeds and the environment is dry, you get more crusty organic matter up there.

More matter means you’re likely going to go after it with your fingers, owing to the dry discomfort you feel. Accordingly, you’ll scratch yourself with your fingernails again, and begin the process anew. The takeaway? Hot or cold, don’t pick your nose! Use a napkin, or a tissue. A tissue is better, because microfibers on rough paper can rub your nose raw.

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ENT Considerations

Even if you don’t pick your nose, the need to “blow” it at all is going to result in usage of things like paper. The most aloe-rich luxury tissue will still make your nose raw if you’ve got to blow it a hundred times a day owing to a cold. Accordingly, you want to avoid colds at all costs. If you can’t avoid a cold, it’s wise to assure you’ve got treatment options available.

Sometimes that means going to a general practitioner, other times it means you’ve got to find a healthcare professional who deals specifically in nasal issues. This is especially true if you’re dealing with sinus difficulties. Most problems here will heal all on their own, but sometimes sinus issues can get so bad you suffer permanent damage.

Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors, or ENTs, are the medical professionals who commonly provide medical solutions for nasal issues. If you find yourself asking: “Now where’s there an ENT doctor near me in Valencia, CA?”, well, just follow the link. You can additionally use that link as a point of reference for ENTs in other states.

Why ENTs Focus On Multiple Cranial Areas

ENT practitioners will look into your ear, your nose, and your throat. When you’ve got leakage from sinuses into your throat, this will result in coughing and you’ll have to blow your nose. Fluid can get into the lungs. Also, your ears can get infected through your eustachian tubes. These stretch from the ears down to the esophagus.

Sometimes a cold comes from the ears to the throat, sometimes it goes from the nose to the ears by way of the throat. All three areas of the head are interrelated, and so practitioners in the field commonly treat conditions that deal with them together as a group.

It’s wise to check in with an ENT before winter hits and after the season ends to be appraised of any hidden issues which may impact you should you be impacted by a cold again. Most people tend to get sick at least once a year, even if they’re in pretty good health. You can go for years without being sick, but it will require proper precautions.

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Nasal Health Tips Consolidated

Eat the right foods. Exercise regularly. These two things alone are key to help you fully physically flourish. Additionally, give yourself proper vitamins, and engage in healthy social interaction. Don’t just cloister yourself in your room with a computer all winter; that’s bad for you.

Good social interaction reduces stress, stress causes you to age, aging reduces immune system effectiveness, weak immune systems invite viruses, viruses impact the nose.

However, if you regularly visit the right sort of medical practitioners, give yourself the proper physical nutrients, and are careful to provide spiritual nutrition through socialization as well, you’ll do much to prepare your immune system. Also, dress appropriately to the elements, and don’t spend too long outdoors when it’s either extremely dry or very cold.

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