5 Tips For Boosting Organic Instagram Growth

Organic Instagram Growth

If you run a business today, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram. The platform has millions of users on its network and is growing quickly, especially among young people. Due to how Instagram Stories work, you and your brand can speak directly to potential customers in real-time and respond to their inquiries with a personal touch.

However, getting traffic to your blog isn’t always easy. Many social media marketers turn to Instagram in hopes of reaching new audiences and growing their business organically. All too often, though, these Instagrammers struggle to make their account grow.

You need it to grow organically to get the best of your account. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Build A Community Around Your Account

Creating a community for your account can be one of the most rewarding aspects of running an Instagram account. It’s also one of the best ways to build long-term growth. The more your followers feel connected to you and your account, the more likely they stick around, engage, and share your content with their friends.

Building a community starts with ensuring enough engagements on your Instagram account. You need people to comment, like, and share your Instagram posts. If your account is new and isn’t getting noticed, you can post reels and look for the best places to buy Instagram reels likes. The more likes people see on your reels, the higher the chances they’ll be interested in it and follow your account.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for connecting your posts with users outside of your existing following. By adding a hashtag, you can join in on the conversation surrounding that topic and have the chance to have your post discovered by new viewers.

When coming up with hashtags to use, there are a few ways you can go about finding relevant ones:

  • Research some industry-related topics or larger communities and use these as starting points for your hashtag search.
  • Use keyword research tools to find popular topics around which people are creating content.

With the right hashtags, you’ll be able to reach people interested in that topic, which will help with organic Instagram growth.

3. Try To Post At Peak Times

The best time to post is when most of your followers are active. There are a few ways to figure out the best time to post, but one of the simplest is to check your Instagram Insights. It gives you access to insights that can help you figure out the best times for posting based on when and how often your followers use the app.

Another good rule of thumb is posting on weekends when people tend to be more active online. You may also want to avoid posting during typical work hours as people are less likely to be checking their Instagram feed at that time. For most businesses, posting between 6 PM and 9 PM ET tends to be optimal on weekdays, and weekend afternoons seem like a good time.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Platform

The more platforms you use, the better—but you should choose a few that make sense for you and your business model and brand voice. For example, Twitter is great for quick updates and daily thoughts. Facebook is where people go to see what their friends are doing or see a brand’s updates from the past week in chronological order. Tumblr tends to have a younger audience and has been rising in popularity lately as an alternative to Instagram due to its visual-heavy content that’s similar to Pinterest.

Using different platforms allows you to market your Instagram account to people who follow you on other platforms but not on Instagram. Some handy tips for cross-promoting include tweeting about an Instagram post by including a link back to that post and sharing your blog posts on multiple platforms. Also, make sure you always take advantage of tagging other accounts when appropriate; they’ll get notified of your post, which may lead them to check your profile.

6. Add Polls And Questions

Asking questions is a good way to get to know your audience and find out what they want. You should use Instagram polls, quizzes, and questions in your stories.

Instagram has a feature that allows you to create polls for your followers. For example, you could ask them whether they prefer one product or another or would rather do something else. You can also create quizzes that test their knowledge of a topic related to your brand. This is a good way to get feedback from your followers and learn more about them. It’s also fun!


Overall, organic Instagram growth isn’t difficult to accomplish with the right mix of content and engagement. Although there are no guarantees regarding receiving attention on Instagram, following these tips should help you get noticed on this free platform for marketing your business or personal brand.

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