Tips For Buying The Best-Led Headlights For Jeep Wrangler! 


So, looking for LED headlights for your jeep? Jeep is a tough vehicle and takes you to various places where a normal car can’t reach. So, when you are looking for LED headlights for your rough jeep, you need to be very careful.

My advice will be to avoid getting attracted by fancy-looking headlights that are bulky, consume large amounts of energy and provide little visibility.

However, LED headlights are the best you can give to your jeep as it is more efficient and convenient giving better visibility to the driver, with a great combination of beam light and length.

But, you need to be careful and choose smartly LED headlights for your Jeep wrangler. In this blog, I will share with you guys some of the tips for the same!


Ok, this is the first and the foremost important step when you are out in shopping spree. You need to do your proper research. After all, you are going to shed your hard-earned money on the item. So start by looking for LED lights that match best for your Jeep wrangler and illumination requirements.

Never go for a cheap vendor, always go for a reliable and experienced one that has a really good hand in delivering authentic automobiles parts. You can easily find the best jeep wrangler led headlightsby mentioning your jeep’s model. 

Never go for 7-inch stock headlights as they are sealed beam lights and you cannot just change a blub if it goes out. Instead, you will have to head to the dealer to buy a new pair of headlights. Such a waste of money, isn’t it? As the jeep wrangler model is updated every year, it is best to go for LED lights instead.

Perfect illumination

Of course, you need a perfect illumination for the headlights of your jeep as it is the basic function of headlights. That is what they are made for. Make sure you get the best illuminating power LED headlights. So, how to find out the power of illumination? Well, it is pretty simple. Consider the lumen number for perfect illumination. 

For those who don’t know, lumen number is the global standard way of measurement of the total amount of light that is emitted by LED headlights or any kind of lightening source. 

DIY headlight conversion kit! 

Of course, change is the way of nature and in the very same way, jeep wrangler also keeps updating each year. So, it is in your best interest to get a DIY (Do it yourself) LED headlight conversion kit. This conversion kit comes with additional accessories so that you can make changes and update the LED headlights whenever you want to. 

Most of the conversion kits come with a warranty of a couple of years, easy replacement features and much more.

Pay attention to LUX 

When you are stepping out to purchase electronic stuff like a LED headlight or jeep wrangler fog lights, make sure that you are always aware of all the technical stuff, if you do not want to pick up a wrong piece and regret it later.

So let me introduce you to another technical term here: LUX. LUX helps understand the luminous flux over a unit area or in other words the light intensity of the LED lights by measuring the center of the beam. You must understand what LUX ratings are high and low. Like a low LUX ratings mean flood illumination, whereas the high LUX rating means spot illumination.

So, these are some of the important terms that you must keep in mind while you shop for LED headlights!

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