Tips for choosing the right Casio Singapore Watch for your Wrist

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We all use wristwatches, but the reality is not many of us know the tips and tricks required for selecting a wristwatch. If you want to know the truth, the size matters in case of a wristwatch. The following article is your guide to choosing the wristwatch according to the size. Search online for your favorite Casio Singapore wrist watches.

The wristwatch checklist

While choosing a wristwatch, keep in mind the following considerations,

  • The case diameter.
  • The thickness of the case.
  • The width of the watch band.
  • The material of the watch band.
  • Details and components of the watch.

The diameter of the case

The case diameter is the most crucial consideration, and men’s watches are between 38mm to 46mm. Anything below 38mm and you are into women’s watches and jewelry pieces. If your wrist measures anything around 6-7 inches mark, then go for watches with a diameter of 38 to 42-mm. If your wrist size is bigger than that you can sport the massive cases of 46-mm and above.

The thickness of the watch case

Case thickness is dependent on the case diameter of the watch. Thinner cases meaning higher quality is a myth with the modern-day watches. With quartz and chronograph designs, you can now go for the sturdier and bigger cased watches to make a bold fashion statement. The general design is a 7-mm thickness for watches having a diameter between 38-42-mm. Keep in mind that the case thickness increases with increasing case diameter.

About the width of the watch band

Any well proportioned and carefully crafted watch will have the width of the band at half of the case diameter. So, with the 40-mm watch, you have gone for, the width of the band is 20-mm if it is from a reputed maker. The equation here is pretty simple; if you have fuller wrists go for bands that are wide and smaller band widths for thin wrists.

The band material for the watch

There are two primary considerations in case of the material for the band of the watch. If you want the slimmer look, go for the leather bands. In case if you want the watch to appear bigger and heavier, you should go for the metal watch band. So, all of you with slimmer wrists, check out leather bands to suit your style statement. It is all about personal preference.

The details of the watch

Last but not least, you have to factor in the components of the watch to make sure of the fashion statement. Always make a mental note of the numbers, hour, minute, and second hands. You need larger and easy to read dials along with illumination when it is dark. Also, make sure of the lug size, the push buttons, and the changers are easily accessible and can be adjusted without breaking into a sweat. Keep in mind that with more prominent components, the profile of the watch becomes bulky as well.

In conclusion, our experts would like to suggest you the winning formula. Combine all of the tips mentioned above, along with your personal preference to find the right choice for your wristwatch. All the best!

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