6 Tips To Keep In Mind For Hiring A Wedding Makeup Artist

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Beneath the makeup I am just a girl who wishes for the world to be mine’-Marilyn Monroe

Dressed in red, adorned with all her bridal ensemble an Indian bride is considered as the epitome of beauty and perfection. What creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride is her makeup. A wedding makeup not just makes you to look perfect but also enhances your beauty. At a wedding a bride is the centre of attraction which is why she needs to have a flawless skin and a perfect makeup.

Wedding is one of the most anticipated moments that a girl awaits for eagerly. On her special day every bride aspires to look drop dead gorgeous. Right from fickling over her wedding outfit to her bridal makeup a bride wants every aspect of her wedding attribute to be perfect. Finding the top makeup artist in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you’re tying the knot, who would stand up to your expectations from the list of the available MUAs is a dainty task. Every MUA has their own signature way of application of the makeup and from them it is a really tedious task for determining which style inclines with your own. Right from dewy makeup to a metallic one picking up the right makeup look that gives you a polished bridal avatar matters the most.

Are you confused about your choice of makeup artist? Wondering how to trudge ahead with your search for a makeup artist? Here are a few tips keeping in your mind would steer your search for a wedding makeup artist in the right direction.

1. Know Your Style

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and the look of the bride has to unique, one that enables her to steal the show. For your wedding you should be well versed about which style suits you the most. So prior to beginning your hunt for a makeup artist it is better to have a knowledge about which style befits you the most. Here are some of the best makeup styles that are popular amongst the modern brides.

  • Natural Makeup-The look is all about staying natural keeping true to yourself with minimalist use of makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup- The makeup technique gives full coverage without giving a cakey appearance.
  • HD makeup-A makeup application technique that gives a flawless appearance and is done with light scattering particles.
  • 3D Makeup- The makeup technique gives a holographic sculpted look.

2. Check The Portfolio

After you have narrowed down on your preference of makeup artist and selected few of them meticulous go through their portfolio to get an insight of their previous works. Check the portfolio and the social media handle of the makeup artist gives you an idea into the working style of the makeup artist.

3. Go For Experience

Experience speaks for itself. An experienced makeup artist with 3-5 years of experience in the field would be better able to cater to your needs in comparison to an amateur makeup artist with 1 year or no experience. An experienced makeup artist is not only good at work but is also a polished professional.Here is the different kinds of makeup that you need to check for in a makeup artist.

  • Experience in doing bridal makeup
  • Experience in application of particular style of makeup
  • Experience in handle the weddings and guest makeup.

4. Opt For Trial Session

On your wedding day you cannot risk the chances of trial and error. On you special day you need a makeup artist who is snappy with his fingers and can apply the makeup in one take. To satisfy yourself that the makeup artist is worth the price it is better to opt for a trial makeup session. In the trial session you can speak your mind and tell the makeup artist about which style of makeup you require. A trial session gives you an idea of your wedding day look and also about the quality of the products that the makeup artist is going to use.

5. Advanced Booking

After much man hunting you might have found the perfect bridal makeup artist but when you try booking them they run out of dates, sounds like a disappointment, right! To avoid this glitch it is advisable to book the makeup artist well in advance. While booking your makeup artist in advance there are a few things that you need to keep in mind and few of them we have listed below.

  • Ask them about the basic booking amount
  • Guarantee for your investment
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Travel Allowance
  • Package prices
  • Destination wedding charges.

6. Referrals

How do you ensure that the makeup artist you’re hiring is credible enough? Reviews, referrals and testimonials help in ensuring credibility and trust ability of the makeup artist. Prior to booking your makeup artist read the reviews enlisted on their platforms, also ask them to furnish you with at least 2-3 referrals received from previous clients served. Here are the following things that you need to check in the reviews and referrals of the makeup artists.

  • Industry experience
  • Professionalism
  • Personal experience with the artist
  • Working style
  • Work satisfaction
  • Quality of work

Have you found your makeup artist yet? Which makeup style are you opting for at your wedding? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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