3 Tips For Storing Seasonal Sports Equipment

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you probably have your gear ready for your favorite event. But if you love skiing, snowboarding, or playing any other form of seasonal sport, there are some months that you won’t have the opportunity to use your equipment. For instance, you can’t snowboard during the summer because the environment won’t be favorable.


So, regardless of the equipment you own, it’s important to store them safely for the few months they’re dormant. To avoid having a house full of clutter, it’d be a good idea to have a proper storage plan. This will also ensure that you avoid unnecessary accidents that can cause injuries or break your sports gear.

That said, here are some tips to keep in mind when storing your seasonal sports equipment:

1. Hang Them On The Wall

Wall-to-wall storage is one of the best options you should consider if you’re planning to store these tools for several weeks or months. With this style, your items will be safe, and you’ll also have a clutter-free space. Also, the easy visibility makes it easy to access them when necessary.

So, where should you start this mini project? First, determine where you’re going to set up your storage plan—the garage might be a good place to start. However, if you have a lot of things to store and have some money to spare, you can purchase a large shipping container and make it your new storage facility. Make sure your decision is based on your needs and affordability.

Depending on the sports equipment you’re looking to store, purchase tools to help make the process more efficient. Some of the things that you might want to buy include a ball claw, bike rack, hooks, metal baskets, and bungee cords. A combination of these will give you enough space and ideas to hang skateboards, bicycles, and balls, to name a few.

2. Make Use Of The Ceiling

The garage ceiling doesn’t have a lot of functional purposes, but you can create one by hanging some of your equipment from it. There are several methods you can consider depending on the items you have. If you’re unsure of what to do, then starting with a few DIY project videos and articles online might give you an idea of how you should go about things.

For one, you might want to consider a sliding storage system where you can place your bins once loaded. This gives you enough space on the floor and walls to do more projects. For example, if you have fishing rods or other similar items that are lightweight, you could choose to store them on the ceiling. You can even use PVC pipes to enhance the safety of your rods and make storing much easier.

3. Use Several Bins

Sometimes even the least sophisticated method can be the most effective when it comes to sports gear. Bins are affordable, yet they make one of the best storage techniques for your items. Laundry baskets, totes, plastic storage containers, or barrels can also do the job depending on what you’re planning to put in them.

With bins, you have the option of using clear or colored, but you’ll need different tactics for each depending on your storage strategy. For colored bins, make sure you label each one of them based on the type of sports equipment you’re using it for. You might also opt to label each bin with the name of the owner for more convenience. Clear bins, on the other hand, may not require this much work because it’s easier to find whatever equipment you’re looking for. This allows you to create an organized system by utilizing colors and labels.

Another advantage of using bins to store your sports gear is the fact that they’re not only cheap but also easy to set up. In fact, you can even let your kids do the labeling and sorting of the items. It’s also hassle-free when the time for switching out the items comes. Since they’re all labeled, all you need to do is find the name of the sport, and you’re good to go.


If sports are part of your leisure routine and you’re wondering how to store your seasonal sports equipment during the winter or summer months, the tips in this article will give you an idea of what you can do. Hanging some of your things on the wall, placing others in bins, or storing them on the ceiling will keep your items safe and easily accessible. With a variety of options available, you can choose the method that will best suit your needs and specific equipment.

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