Tips on Becoming an Enneagram Coach

Enneagram Coach

As one of the most vital tools, the Enneagram can help you achieve a lot of things in life. Considering other personality typing systems, Enneagram is equally impressive. Plus, if you want to become a professional MCC coach, trainer, or business owner, the Enneagram got you covered. Equipped with explicit custom-tailored courses, the Enneagram can help you change lives. The course comes with an elaborate and structured way to implement the system. Plus, the Enneagram isn’t all about behavior. In fact, it has to do with reasons for human behaviors. Remember, if you understand the reasons for a particular behavior, it’s easier to transform that behavior and inspire others. So, if this is something you want to become, think Cloverleaf Enneagram certification. Here is how to achieve your dreams.

Behavior-Based Enneagram

Don’t think that Enneagram is all about behaviors. Irrespective of the class you teach, try to establish the reason for the behavior. Remember, a single error can make most people get mistyped. Of course, all Enneagram types (the 9 of them) are important. However, each of these Enneagram types is important for different reasons. According to experts, discovering the hidden reasons is key when it comes to Enneagram coaching. Discover the cause of certain personality pearls. In a nutshell, Enneagram should be about the reasons for the behaviors. Don’t focus only on the behavior.

Enneagram Tests Aren’t Accurate

According to the stats, the accuracy rate of almost all Enneagram courses is around 50-60 percent. Enneagram is all about the reason for certain behaviors. Thus, it’s difficult to test it with software. You need self-awareness to determine the reasons for people’s behaviors. That’s why you need to take the coaching approach. Plus, Enneagram isn’t static. It’s dynamic in nature.

It’s important to note that Enneagram was traditionally thought based on real tradition. However, modern Enneagram (which is based on typed Enneagram), is focused on coaching and teaching the Enneagram. This improves accuracy and lets others discover their incredible knowledge. Thus, it’s important to understand all the nine types of Enneagram and the Personality Pearls to discover your knowledge gift.

Utilize The Enneagram’s Map If You Want Personal Growth

Of course, it may appear that most people are mistyped and Enneagram is underutilized. However, that’s not true. The truth is that the key lies in its personal growth map. You will get the value of the course after understanding your type. That’s why you should help your clients to type themselves. Remember, Enneagram is characterized by a clear map. Here, Enneagram will help you understand when you disintegrate to your lowest and what you can do to achieve the highest possible enlightened expression. Coaches should leverage this tool to help others grow with high self-awareness.

The Bottom-Line

Behaviors can change lives. Inspiration can turn dreams into realities. So, if you want to transform and inspire others, understand the reasons for their behaviors. It will help you inspire others. And the surest way to achieve your dreams is to become an Enneagram coach.

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