Top 7 Tips To Color Full Poster Printing

Poster printing

While printing a poster, a plethora of different things matter. You have to take responsibility for the poster’s design as well as printing. Everything should not only go according to the design but also with the theme. Color full poster printing is a very serious job and it needs to be done carefully. A good poster should always be catchy and attractive so that people can relate to it and do not miss out on this basic line. The bottom line is that the poster should look creative and real enough so that each and everyone can understand the clear message it conveys and can relate to it. 

7 Best hacks while printing a poster

Check out these amazing tips that will help you in printing a perfect poster:

1. Colour combination

If you are designing for a printable campaign, you must use CYMK rather than RGB mode. It is because the CYMK mode will give better results for the final printable poster in comparison to the RGB mode as it is preferred in the case of digital use only for screen use only. The user can convert from CYMK to RGB and vice versa as per the use. The difference between both versions is of color; in RGB colors are less vibrant in comparison to CYMK.

2. Use Vector-based images

The images we used to download using the internet comprise of different pixels and while using them to make a poster will cause you trouble later. Most of the images on the internet, when enlarged, become blurry in nature. This is due to their pixel arrangements and thus cannot be used directly into the project. To use images in the poster, we must use Vector images the advantages with these images are that their dimensions can be fixed by using mathematical equations. Image color, shape, and structure can be defined up to any level as per the needed scale measurements.

3. Select the correct size for the poster

While designing the poster, its size plays a crucial role. With different sizes, we can display or focus on the messages we want to convey. Thud, an optimum size with the catchy color scheme, will surely attract the viewer. There are many size options available for making a poster but it depends on our requirements at which level we want to display the messages. The standard size of A2 and A3 are generally used in poster making but as per your need, you can also increase its size as per scale. We must also consider the space efficiently between the words so that the display would be clear to the viewers.

4. Define Bleed and Trim marks

The photographs and artwork you want to show in the poster must extend beyond the trim size and trim determines the finalized size of your poster. Crop marks should be determined to show where a poster is to be trimmed. Bleed is the given space provided in a poster so that the poster reaches the very edge without having white edges. Usually, greater than the trim area, the bleed area depends upon the size of the poster and the requirement of the user.

5. Impressive Typography

A visually attractive poster will surely attract the attention of viewers and a catchy Typography will increase their curiosity. A good typeface will add some personality to the design but make sure that multiple fonts are not used in a single poster making it gruesome and unrealistic.

Typography alone can get your poster attention as many posters don’t have visuals in them, just the heading or content written in unique typefaces.

6. Use a big imag

If your poster contains an image, it must be clear to a far standing person. Various designing elements, photographs or visuals can be added to the poster and arrangements of the contents must be done carefully; otherwise, it will not convey your message to the viewers.

7. Safe area

The portion under a safe area will cover the area where the main content of the poster will lay down. It is because the content outside the boundaries of the safe area will be trimmed. It is given to overlap the lip of the frame or to give additional space to enhance the main content.


A poster without any creativity, eye-catching designs and various attractive printing cannot make people relate themselves to the posters. Now that you know all the key points get going with some cool and relatable color full poster printing.

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