Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running for Long

Air Conditioner

Having an air conditioner is no longer a luxury but a necessity due to the increased heat, thanks to global warming. It is, therefore, vital to make sure that your AC is running efficiently and for longer. If you can’t afford to upgrade your air conditioning running, the secret to keep it running for long is regular maintenance. It will save you money but help you maximize your Ac’s efficiency.

Follow these tips to learn how you can keep your Air conditioner running for long.

1.) Make Sure the AC’s Condenser is Free from Debris

One thing that people forget about the Air conditioners is that debris can reduce their efficiency and lifespans. The outdoor fans of your AC are susceptible to things like dirt, grass, and leaves, which can ultimately damage it. Therefore, you must regularly clean it to prevent this catastrophic event, which will cost you more. When your condenser is clogged, it works twice as much to provide cool air.

Make sure there are no tree branches, plants, or dirt near the exterior condensers; doing this will prevent them from quickly getting into Ac. You can then use a vacuum to remove all the dirt and leaves off of the capacitor. Cleaning a condenser also requires to carefully check on the fins to make sure they are not bent or full of dust. If bent, you can use a thin substance to straighten it then wipe it clean carefully. However, it is essential to read the user’s manual before embarking on cleaning your Air Conditioning.

2.) Make Use of Your Air Conditioner

The more you use something, the more it wears out, right? Wrong. For a piece of equipment like an air conditioner that is susceptible to staleness and mildew, it is essential to clear them out. You can do this by turning the air conditioning to full blast for at least 10 minutes. It is also good to circulate oil, which is needed to lubricate vital parts like seals.

3.) Flushing the Radiator

Have you ever come across a vehicle parked on the side of the road with smoke coming from its hood? The problem could be its radiator. Prolonging the life of your Air conditioning requires that you regularly flush off the cooling system. If not, the cooling system can ultimately damage your car’s engine. The first thing to do before flushing is draining the engine’s coolant. Then use a radiator flush and distilled water to flush out any unwanted substances.

4.) Change the Air Filter

The filter keeps your home free from allergen and dust. Even though filters are different, it is critical to change at least every six months regularly. However, depending on the location, some filters accumulate dust and pathogens more than others, in a short time. So the safest thing to do is to change it when you notice dirt regularly. Dust and pathogens can damage the AC’s compressor, which can be costly to repair.

Make sure you look at the packaging of the filters when shopping for one. A minimum efficiency reporting value is the rating that all filters have on their packaging. So the filter that has the high rating value shows that it can last for longer. It also doesn’t hurt to go for quality air conditioners such as carrier air conditioners to avoid replacing the filter every time.

Changing an air filter is not hard; just remember when to change it and how to change it, and you will be good to go.

Final Word

Even though you need a technician to help with your AC, you can fix something on your own. Vacuuming off dirt and changing filters are easy things to do if you read the user’s manual. However, when things get out of hand, call your nearest technician.

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