The 5 Hottest Men’s Hairstyles Today

Hair is the centerpiece to any guy’s look, yet so many guys neglect it. Big mistake. Womenare wild about two things—hair and shoes—so you’d be well served to identify a style that works for you and stick with it. It’s not difficult, but it does take some thinking. A good way to forecast hair trends is to go online and check out the Men’s Fall 2019 collections in Milan and Paris. Ready to depart from the same haircut you’ve had since eighth grade? Here are a few top-end looks that I’m seeing more and more guys rocking now.



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Great for all hair types, including curly. It’s low maintenance and instantly draws attention to the guy’s eyes, jawline and smile. Must be short, evenly buzzed and have nice clean edges around the ears and neck. Best part? You never have to worry about bedhead.

Clean Cut 

Clean cut

Best for normal hair (not too thick, thin or curly). Guys can opt for a softer, tousled side part for casual settings (use fingers to style) or a sleeker, more refined look for a night out (use comb to create sharp part). Hey, Don Draper does it, why not you?



Great for all hair types. Shaved or close

sides with length on top for styling. This is a versatile, polished style and I recommend using a comb to create it. If the ladies happen to mistake you for Bruno Mars, well, that never really hurts.

Slicked Back

Slicked back

Timeless look that works best with thicker hair. Apply a strong-hold pomade while hair is nearly dry. Don’t forget the sides of your head, and tuck any stray hairs behind the ears. Best indicator you are doing it right? People start hitting you up for stock tips.

Middle Part

Middle part

Also known as “one part Bohemian and one part rock ’n’ roll.” Works well with curly hair. Use light-hold product, like a cream, to give your hair some volume and height. Ideal candidates for this look include professional soccer players, musicians, actors and Johnny Depp.

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