Top 10 Games with Cheats Available for Different Platforms

Games with cheats available

Hello, folks, welcome to our blog and today we are going to compile a list of Top 10 games with cheats available. Guys, as we all know that this is the world of the Android device where all the youngster used to have their personal android phones. There is nothing left that we can’t do with android phones because Android device takes this generation on the next level. Now we can order any food, do any shopping, book online tickets and make online payments by sitting our home with the help of android devices. Android devices are also the source of entertainment likewise in this busy schedule of life we don’t get too much time to get relax but whenever we get time we can have fun with our android device. And one of the most common ways using by the millions of Android users is playing games.

As we can see around that now the internet is full of exciting games by which you can easily pass your time. And not only on Android devices but also PC users are almost addict to games and they use to play games in their free time. There are number games available on the internet but what is another important thing is that people love to play games with their cheat codes. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to clear any stage or task in any mode of games and in this situation instead of getting frustrated people can use different cheat codes to clear that stage or task.

IF you want to find any substitute of cheat codes then you will not get anything because there is nothing like a cheat code. When we were kids we all used to have any special cheat code dairy for any game. When there was no internet then people use to apply cheat codes while playing the game and with the passes of time the use of cheat codes is just finished yet. But if you still love to play cheat codes game then you are on your desired place.

So, guys, this article is all belongs to those readers who are looking for games with cheats available because below in this article we are going to give you a list of Top 10 games with cheats available which you can download and play.

Top 10 Video Games With Cheats in 2019

Grand Theft Auto Cell Phone Code

Grand Theft Auto Cell Phone Cheat Code

GTA is on number one in our list because it has personal kind of fan base, according to users ratings; the GTA cell phone cheat is one of the best game cheats ever. None of us may be remaining to play this game in their childhood. There is no doubt that this game has a huge fan base at an earlier time. It is the game in which you have to complete missions after the mission. There are many gta 5 money cheat and other cheat codes you can use in the game. There are different kinds of cheat codes their related to the health of the player, ammo of guns, unlimited money, weapons, dashing cars and many more.

The Konami (Contra)

The Konami (Contra)

It is another most exciting game which was for all kind of devices such as android, pc, and Xbox. It is one of the most famous cheat codes available game which includes pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, and start on your device. This game started in the Nintendo and there were many codes added which allowed players to easy their gameplay via increasing their assassination and health.

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Cheats

This is at the third of our list which is available with the different types of cheats in Skyrim for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC which help players to faster their level up and also to arrange extra and huge weapon and health advantages. If you are a lover of ranged weapons, then there are unlimited cheat codes gives players a huge advantage in the game.

Age of Empires

Age of empire cheats code

This game has different types of cheat codes to prevent car damage or enhance the damage capacity of your guns. You can tap Enter while playing this game and fill the cheat code and then press Enter to confirm. It spawns a mind-blowing fast sports car in which there is a man holding a rocket launcher. Your car will capable of soaking damage in the situation of attack.

Saints row game


Guys, if you are one of the lover of saint row series then you must be waiting for all saints row 3 cheats ps3. It is one of the most ammunition game and it has some secret cheats with which you can run more fast than your actual speed, you can make zombies people who are around you and you can get unlimited ammo in your weapons.


Doom cheats PS 3

It is one of the most favorable FPP shooting game of all time. It is a shooting game that gives versatile gameplay to its users and this is available with its cheat codes too. It has some awesome cheat code which let your health 100% all the time in the game.

Dark Souls

Dark soul video game cheat

If you’re also a fan of this game and use to play this in your pc then you must know that there are cheat available for this game which gives your infinite souls. This works on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.


NBA Jam cheats

It is one of the most known basketball game and it has some funny cheat such as you can make your player faces big apart from the normal one and it becomes quite fun to play this game after applying cheat.

Max Payne

Max Payne cheats

If you are a fan of shooting game then this would be the best choice for you. If you don’t want to let your ammo finish you can apply cheat easily and get the unlimited ammo in your weapons.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

As we all know that finishing this game was one of the most drastic tasks and still won’t able to clear its last battle but you can do this with using its cheat codes. Play this game and forward your time to clear this last stage of the game.

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