Top 4 Corporate LMS Solutions

Top 4 Corporate LMS Solutions: Learning Management System or LMS is powerful learning software that can provide useful lessons and courses. However, what makes it unique is its ability to document, track, automate, administer, report, and manage these courses. Currently, the number of LMS users is estimated at 73.8 million.

Naturally, people would often think that this software is useful only in the educational industries and academic fields. Let us correct that for you. LMS can also be a very useful tool in the biggest corporate industries. It can help educate employees, train recruits, develop new skills, and keep your team up-to-date on the latest trends, skills, and talents.

Therefore, in this article, we will look through 4 such powerful corporate LMS solutions that you can rely on. Let us get started!

Top 4 Corporate LMS Solutions


Why use LMS solutions?

The world is getting automated on all fronts, so why should education and learning stay indifferent? LMS is the tool that answers that call, bringing in a new way of learning and upgrading your skills. If you are still skeptical of why you should invest in a whole new software just for training your employees, here are the top few reasons:

Engaging and gamification of courses

The best way to learn is to make it fun. LMS goes by that protocol and programs their courses and lessons in exciting ways, gamifying them so that your employees are not simply obliged to learn but have fun doing it.

Progress tracking and reporting

LMS allows you to keep tracking course progress and create reports on how well your employees are doing. Depending on the reports, you can understand which employees need to improve and who are excelling. You can adjust the courses accordingly.

Easy sharing and consistency

Because of its centralized storage, you can easily share materials and reports among the members via cloud storage without the hassle of printing and paper sharing. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to make sure everyone receives the shared materials.

Easy up-gradation of materials

To keep your business up to date, you would need your employees on the same page too. That’s why LMS solutions allow you to keep updating the courses and add new materials so that your learning instruments are never obsolete.

Top 4 Corporate LMS Solutions

We have understood why LMS is an important tool when it comes to employee training. We shall now take a look at the top 4 corporate LMS solutions that you can try.


This one is perhaps the best of all the LMS out there, with excellent features backing it up. It aims to make learning fun and exciting with the help of dynamic authoring environments and tools.

It gamifies your lessons and even has price offerings. It has excellent tracking and assessment tools to support good learning.


Whether you are a corporate business person or an educator, Thinkfic is a good platform to learn and teach. Your employees get to set their own goals and then track them easily. Also, you can get good authoring features here.

It allows you to smoothly drop documents into lessons without coding. A variety of contents are available, allowing employees to choose the type they are the most comfortable with.


Want to upskill your members, but the easy way? Then Bridge might just be the LMS solution you are looking for. It offers all the features that a good LMS solution should have. From a good authoring tool, video role-playing, to learner assessment and tracking — it has it all.


This tool is perfect for all business types and has in-built search functionality of Skillshare and YouTube. It allows you to customize the app for a more branded look.

Herein, you are free to manage the knowledge base so that your employees get more materials for self-learning. TalentLMS also offers good integration facilities.

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