Top 4 IT Certifications to Brighten Your Future

4 IT Certifications

IT is a market of huge advancements. The world is facing disruption on a daily basis with technology. Businesses are changing their traditional ways of introduction, management, customer-care into a technological infrastructure. Here is the list of top trending IT certifications reflecting the future of the people who are trend-follower. Almost every job demands one of these certifications so it is easy for the employer to choose a certificate holder after finding that certain tasks can be done by him.

Various latest technologies are being adopted by every business. These technologies reveal highest-paying certifications in the year 2019. Accurate facts and figures are included in our survey report, based on IT skills and salary report of Global knowledge 2019.

The most focused trending technologies include computing, Cybersecurity, networking and project management. Among these, project management and cloud computing are quite dominating.

Here I have discussed the top 4 certifications that are hot trends in IT.

1- GCP (Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect):

IT professionals can become certified cloud architects on the GCP platform. It was introduced in 2017 in the market. Now, in 2019, it is included in highly-paid certifications. Do you wonder why does it pay you so high? It is because of the many benefits provided by cloud computing. Every business is shifting its infrastructure to gain these benefits. You can dominate other professionals by doing a lot of things that can’t be done by these professionals. You just have to certify as a GCP cloud architect. Using GCP cloud platform technology, a reliable, scalable and secure cloud architect can be designed by IT professionals.

There are numerous reasons why GCP made a big hit in the latest job demands. According to an estimation, cloud jobs can get you $100k annually, which has now increased up to $139,529.

After getting this certification, you can tell what solution works best for a given cloud scenario.

2- PMP (Project Management Professional):

PMI (project management institute) is the creator and administrator of PMP. PMP is the most significant industry-organized certification for project managers. This certification is a must for individuals who are looking for project management jobs. It is helpful in many ways.

It provides work assurance and good level of satisfaction to customers and employees. The projects of the project managers can be defined, planned and delivered effectively. PMP helps the organizations finalize who to hire for their vacant seats.

PMP certification is dependent on exam success and experience in project management. Individuals looking for jobs must have taken 35 hours of PMP Certification training and become certified. If a person has less than a bachelor’s degree, he must have 7500 hours of experience in project management

PMP certification is required to be maintained by 60 professional development units every 3 years. PMP professionals are earning $135,798 annually.

3- AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The well-off reputation of Microsoft is undeniable worldwide. Among the role-based Microsoft certifications, AZ-900 is the most fundamental. If you are new to Azure, AZ-900 will be the best choice for you.

It is better to learn the fundamentals and basics of cloud through this certification before moving on to any other role-based exam.

Before attempting this exam, you need to prepare for it first. Otherwise, you will just waste your money and time on it if you do it without any preparation. AZ-900 braindumps are a great help for you. They are a kind of helping material for you if you want to pass your exam in the first try. Do prepare these dumps provided by the companies before attempting the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam.

The AZ-900 exam objectives are based on the understanding of:

  •  Cloud concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Azure support and prices
  • Security, privacy, trust, and compliance

Cloud-computing professionals are earning almost $136 k yearly.

4- ScrumMaster certification:

You should get a ScrumMaster certificate if you are experienced in putting scrum into practice and understanding complete Agile scrum methodology. It will work as a stamp on your knowledge.

A certified ScrumMaster can lead the team and work better than those who are not certified as the team can work at its highest level under his supervision. A certified ScrumMaster can help his teamwork in a cooperative environment and learn the basic Scrum framework.

He can also get a 2-year membership of Scrum Alliance which is helpful for individuals and businesses in many ways. This certification is introduced by Scrum Alliance and hence they are also responsible to manage this certification. Certification is awarded after attending a 2-day workshop. This certificate has 2 years’ validity after the date of issuance of certificate. With a two-year period, you must obtain 40 SEUs (Scrum education units) to renew the certification.

ScrumMaster are earning around $1,35,441 annually.

Concluding remarks:

Pass any of the above exams to have a bright future ahead but be careful while choosing an exam. Keep in mind which exam is worth taking and which is not so you don’t regret about money and time wastage.

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