Top 5 Must-Have Home Renovations in 2022

Renovations: The question is, what kind of improvement does your home need? Fortunately, there is not much you have to change to stay on top of the game. Here are the top five must-have home renovation of the year.

Your home, just like yourself, needs to be well taken care of. There is a lot of new technology, the latest trends are regularly appearing, so it is quite hard to keep up. 2020 is the year of sustainability, colour and practical decor. It is estimated that £55.5 billion will be spent on renovations in 2020, so the market for renovation is enormous. The question is, what kind of improvement does your home need? Fortunately, there is not much you have to change to stay on top of the game. Here are the top five must-have home renovation of the year.

Change the way you heat your water

Being environment-friendly is not a trend anymore; it is a new way of living. Saving the planet is our responsibility, and there are small things you can change to contribute to the creation of a better world. Start with changing the way you heat your water. Replace your traditional water heater with a modern, tankless unit. The heater without a tank will help you cut your carbon footprint and reduce energy waste. It will also save some money along the way. The traditional units are also not aesthetically pleasing and take too much space, only to collect dust. Make sure to pick a high-quality tankless water heater, and it will last you up to two decades. Look up reviews online of the available and most modern heaters on sites like, and make a tankless water heater your priority this year. It is high time to introduce new technology to your four walls.

New features on the wall

The most significant trends in the renovation are also present within decor. This year you should pay attention to the look of your walls. 2020 is all about stunning details. Patterned wallpaper or counter-to-ceiling tile backsplashes will show your personality and take center stage in the upcoming kitchen and living room makeovers. Get creative and forget about the harsh view of naked walls. Also, look for inspiration online and people who make home decorations by themselves to ensure an original look for your walls. The more character your space has, the better.

Glass cabinets

Another popular way to go when it comes down to renovation is decluttering. Influenced by lovely sights in the movies and media, you probably already feel like less is more. The result of this movement is a more organized household. Now, you may find yourself in possession of dishware ready to stand the test of the display. Glass cabinets, or maybe just a single set in the kitchen, are both bringing back the trend of the ’90s. There are also many glass cabinets you can choose from, but perhaps the most tempting option out there is to make it your DIY project of 2020.

Colorful living

Finally, no more houses that feature only grey, white and black, no more depressing interior design. It is time to make your life colouful. Honestly, can you imagine surviving a bleak winter in a house with no vibrant colors? It is just not healthy for your mind. So in 2020, it is crucial to add a pop of color to your life by repainting your living room. There should be nothing holding you back, classic accessories, and a glass cabinet will look absolutely breathtaking in the colourful surroundings. But you don’t have to repaint walls; you can go for painting your wood furniture. Anything you do, make sure you have a colouful culmination point to your house or apartment.

Kitchen larder

Constant take-out is out, and the cooking is back in fashion. You want and need to provide proper nutrition to your body, and there is no place for “I don’t have time” excuse. Along with more time spent in the kitchen, the need for more space to store food increased. Kitchen pantries are still a must-have, but in addition, you should consider an in-kitchen larder. A larder will offer more storage for items you want off the counters and will help in keeping your kitchen clean and not cluttered. Larders also give kitchens a little extra style, as you can customize them. And there is no doubt that there is no such thing in a home as too much storage.

2020 could be your breakthrough year in the renovation. It is time to reclaim the status of the state of art interior in your home. Give your four walls an upgrade with a DIY glass cabinet, a beautiful larder, adding new technologies and a pop of colour. There is no time to waste. Your house awaits your decision, enhance your place with a little bit of character. Whether you’re trying to get on board with the latest trends or feel like it’s time for a change, there’s a lot to love about the new looks of 2020.

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