Top #7 Delicious Chicken Dishes For The Wedding Menu

Chicken Dishes

Food, food, and food is the highlight of every wedding. And one of the most appreciated additions to the wedding menu is none other than the delicious chicken.

This tender meat melts in everybody’s mouth, further flattering the taste buds.

Chicken is the widely preferred choice all over India.

Moreover, all the grand non-vegetarian menus are incomplete without chicken.

The best part about chicken is that it can be turned into super delicious dishes, and can be an excellent choice for wedding food.

But for cooking all these varieties of dishes, you need good cooks and you can find such top wedding caterers in delhi.

To help you with the menu fixing, we made a list of popular chicken dishes that can leave all the guests awestruck!

Tandoori Chicken

If you want to prepare a lip smacking dish then this could be the best option.

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular choices that every Indian loves.

This is prepared by marinating the chicken in yogurt or curd with spices and then it is roasted in the tandoor (hence the name.)

The tandoor gives the chicken a very smokey flavor.

Mughlai Chicken

This dish is very famous in bengali menu and dates back to the Mughal Period, as the name suggests.

In this the chicken is served in thick, creamy and not so spicy gravy.

The gravy is made of expensive ingredients and has a very rich taste.

It tastes very good if served with rumaali roti.

Chicken Peshawari

This dish is from the city Peshawar in Pakistan and is named after its origin place.

This chicken curry has a powerful aromatic effect because it is made with ground spices.

It can be the right choice as a starter if made with thick gravy.

Murg Malaiwala

This dish is commonly known as malai chicken and has white creamy gravy.

This dish is prepared with spices and dry fruits to make up the gravy.

And the best part is, you can cook this dish without ghee, butter or cream as well. It can taste heavenly if paired with butter naan.

Bengali Chicken Kosha

Traditionally, this is a mutton dish but because for the love of chicken, people cook chicken like the mutton.

Kosha means cooking a curry for a long period of time.

It is usually spicy and is made on the base of a bay leaf and customized according to the particular household.

This Bengali dish can be served with hot luchi or puri for a more refined taste.

Chili Chicken

This easy to make chicken recipe is every child’s favorite dish.

Rather than serving Manchurian and fried rice, go for chili chicken and biryani!

Chili chicken is an Indian version of a popular Chinese dish called ‘soy chicken. It is usually dry and served with flavored bland snacks to balance the spiciness of the dish. It can be a bit expensive as it calls for boneless chicken.

Lemon Chicken

This is a very contemporary style of cooking the chicken.

Here the chicken is cooked in a tasty lemon sauce base.

This sauce has a very good aroma and it is usually very rich in taste because the sourness is balanced by seasoning crushed black pepper over the dish.

Three Bonus Chicken Dishes: You can also serve chicken changezi, chicken korma, or chicken shami kebab if you want to add an exotic taste to the menu.

And don’t forget to serve these chicken dishes with proper naan breads or baked breads as it will enrich the flavor to a great extent.

We hope these dishes will make up to your menus and will impress all the people relishing it!

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