Top 7 ways to boost customer Engagement with Videos

Customer engagement

Entrepreneurs tend to utilize multiple ways and make use of numerous techniques and tools to achieve their business goals. Producing and sharing videos is among the effective techniques. Small to large-scale businesses are making use of amazing videos to capture the attention from their potential customers.

Videos have always proven to be effective for acquiring significant traffic to websites. In fact, video marketing has a major role in generating brand awareness and increasing the exposure of any business. Users tend to remember a video message for long than a textual message. An interesting story depiction in video format can bring many fortunes for any industry.

One can try different ways of utilizing the effectiveness of videos for promoting a brand or business and increasing user engagements. For example, a web designing company or any other can animate how they started the business rather than composing more than a thousand words story.

Sharing customer reviews in videos prove to be more authentic and credible than the conventional textual feedback. With these, I am sharing some more ways to help you book customer engagement with videos below in the post.

1. Produce animated videos for specifying product features

The short animated videos are trending these days as it involves imagination and creativity that fascinates the users eventually. No matter which business industry you are working in, the amazing animated videos will surely boost your marketing efforts.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

Videos that are having a touch of humor with a blend of story can keep user stick to it. You can measure the popularity of these videos through the ultimate success of several animated movies like Toy Story, The Lion King, Finding Nemo and much more.

The integration of small-animated videos can divert the attention of viewer for a minute or two. These days users tend to scan the content swiftly, instead of putting their focus eagerly, making them engaged for a limited span is also an achievement in its own. The message of the video should be compelling and aims to educate or entertain or motivate the viewers.

This creative animated video ad from Intel is packed with amazing graphics. The advertisement is meant to aware people about Intel Optane memory and working of Smart System Acceleration.

The product features explained in the shape of 3D animated video will beautifully describe each feature with picture of the product like the real-life. It will be easy for viewers to understand the scope of the product and how it can be helpful in making their life better.

2. Launch Products with captivating intro videos

Whether you are launching new products or introducing your service, integrating a video into your marketing strategy will give you huge business advantage from start to end. It has a major role in converting users as 64-85% viewers more likely to buy after watching a product video.

The product launching video should start with a problem and then present your product as an ultimate solution to that problem. Integrate CTA button alongside the video that will drive the viewers to the product-purchasing page or section.

This Adidas Ultra Boost Sneaker is launched with a powerful launch video. It shows a look running shoe that is light cushioned and extra comfortable.

It is best to dedicate a separate page for your new products where you can manifest pricing details along with discounts, vouchers and offers etc.Moreover, you can also setup a product for preorders as well.

3. Incorporate customer video reviews in your marketing campaigns

These days, people are more skeptical in buying a product by watching its advertisement. Therefore, it is important to integrate ideas that provoke them to buy the product.

People have seen to prefer products that are associated with huge stack of positive customer reviews. It is good idea to make use of these reviews into your favor by embedding those into your next promotional videos.

This promo video from Slack is more of an interesting testimonial video.

Your potential customers want proof about the products robustness and reliability. Embedding reviews of happy customers will assist them to take the purchase decisions.

Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

There are multiple platforms where customers tend to find about the products quality through the customer reviews. So marketing managers can integrate customer reviews from those channels as well. You can also take help from a web designing company to integrate customer reviews into your marketing campaigns.

4. Reach out to TV advertising

Television has been the major medium of advertisement for decades. The growths of social media channels have reduced its influence at some level, but still it is a powerful source for executing a brand message.

This classic TV advertisement featuring the catchphrase “WHASSUP” run for many years on multiple sports channels and have gained huge popularity.

There is a huge majority of audience belonging to different ages, genders and racial groups are connected with different TV channels and programs. The creativity of the content and the interests of audience decide the success of a TV commercial.

5. Spread your knowledge as an expert on specific subject

Creating videos on helping people for performing multiple tasks helps to generate customer’s trust in your products or services. The video message contains multiple types of content that is text, voice, images,etc. that casts a strong message to the audience.

This compelling Budweiser’s commercial is giving a strong message that “do not drink and drive”. Your friends and family are waiting and hoping for your safe return.

These days the brands social media page is of considerable importance as it is a major medium to spread brand awareness among potential customers. The social awareness and how-to videos propagating from those pages helps to increase the integrity of business and people will see it as authentic and reliable.

6. Engage potential customers with your brand

The goal of effective video marketing strategy should be engaging maximum target audience as possible. The engagement is not only about people watching the informational video, it is about get them attached with your brand and make them loyal customers.

Make sure that the team of professionals responsible for creating the informational videos is expert in the related fields. The more likes and comments it will get, more it will be shared and more viewers will be attached to it. The message or information should be precise and clear, otherwise it will not worth the time and efforts you have put to create it.

Also, choose the topic of the video according to the interests of your target audience. If you have failed in your first attempt of engaging significant number of audience, then it is time to experiment with different ideas. Sometimes perfect ideas do not seem to work because of the lack of interest from viewers. So, keep on trying with different things.

7. Role of videos in conversion rates

Video marketing is an important part of business strategy for businesses these days. As, videos have potential to engage maximum potential customers in little span, they generate a great impact on conversions as well. A product video integrated on the landing page can boost your sales significantly.

72% of businesses who use video believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website.

Creating an influential video demands persistent efforts and the right tools to achieve a good return on investment.The depiction of the interesting content is what matters a lot. Besides focusing on the perfection of the video, make sure the story you are telling in the video is captivating and has strong association with the audience.

Final Words

The key to connect maximum number of people with the videos is developing the captivating content. The video should educate or entertain the audience along with a promotional message. In the realm of tough competition between the brands, it is important to fabricate a unique story in your video marketing campaigns. In order to boost engagements and to deliver powerful message videos can be a game changer for your company’s outgrowth.

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