Top Bluetooth Earbuds You Must Use in 2019

Bluetooth earbuds

Technology is progressing very fast with every passing day and we are seeing innovation in every field of life either its electronics, telecom, sports, and even in computers as well. Products seems awesome today, becomes useless tomorrow. It’s all about new innovations. So what we need to do so, we need to see the buyers trend always, what exactly people are doing and following. This is called the being updated with the current market trends. Check the list of top 4 best Bluetooth earbuds, you must use in 2019.

Nomad Divacore

The Antipods had been the surprise of 2017, the Nomad + confirm the excellent quality-price ratio of the brand Metz. This version equipped with a charging case with built-in 5000 MAH ultra powerful battery makes it possible to compensate for the decreased battery life compared to Antipods, but also to charge its Smartphone. We love the integration of Bluetooth 5.0 which greatly improves the quality of connection and allows listening to telephone conversations in both headsets. A Nomad version offers a charging case with a less generous battery, at a more affordable price of $99.

Sony WF-1000X

This is the Rolls Royce of the sound quality of our ranking. This pair of headphones offers an impressive performance in the field. Even on complex orchestrations, one can distinguish perfectly all the instruments. Let’s greet even more the distortion almost non-existent at high volume, a performance for this type of headphones. The Sony application is also very complete. On the other hand, we are disappointed by the almost imperceptible reduction of active noise. By disabling it, we arrive painfully at 2 h 43 consecutive use.

Created in 2014 in New York, this American brand is still very little known to the general public. However, it manufactures audio equipment of very good quality, like these high-end headphones. At $299, they are by far the most expensive of the top 10, but also those that offer the best sound performance, just beyond the excellent Sony WF-1000X, for an equivalent autonomy.

Bose SoundSport Free

For its first test in the field of true wireless headphones, Bose is full. Dedicated to sporty use, its SoundSport Free is IPX4 certified to resist sweat. Very comfortable, they maintain themselves very well and provide more excellent autonomy of 5 h 20. Above of all, these headphones deliver a powerful and quite impressive, typical of the sound signature of the American brand.

Apple AirPods

Among the pioneers of true wireless, Apple has developed very well-designed headphones. The process of pairing Bluetooth – sometimes painful on other models – does not arise here even more, provided you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac). Android users will enjoy its other qualities: very good battery life of 4.58 hours, exemplary finish and good sound quality. Only non-intra-ear models of this classification, they are very comfortable and can be worn for hours while being forgotten. Negative to this, they do not isolate very well in noisy environments.

When you are thinking of choosing the best Bluetooth earbuds for any reason at all, the above listed earbuds are all you need  to use in 2019.

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