5 Top Colors for Kitchens in 2023

People are spending more time at home these days and more time cooking. This is great news for people who are ready to remodel their kitchen space, as there are tons of great options out there from paint choices to appliance options to countertop materials.

There has never been a better time to refresh your kitchen space and get it back to feeling like the center of your home. The kitchen is the natural gathering place for family and friends when they come over and if your kitchen is drab or outdated, you might not enjoy time spent in this important space.

Visit this website to pick out the perfect countertop for your new kitchen look. It is usually best to pick your countertops first, as they are one of the most noticeable parts of your kitchen. Once you know what your counters are going to look like, you will need to pick the right color to create the perfect kitchen.

5 Top Colors for Kitchens in 2023

Top Colors for Kitchens

The most popular colors for kitchens are based largely on overall theme choices. Many different styles are popular right now and they vary from classic themes to bright and bold color choices that are very modern. Retro and vintage looks are coming back in and there are so many fun customization options that you can choose almost any theme you want.

If you are not sure if your kitchen will look best with a blue theme, or a light neutral theme, you should always consider how large your kitchen is and how much light it gets. Pick up color swatches and material swatches and compare them to one another in your actual kitchen space. Sometimes something that looks great in a magazine does not work well with your real kitchen space.


Yellow is enjoying new life as a kitchen color theme, bringing back memories of the traditional and cozy kitchens of the 1950s. This cheerful color choice pairs well with white counters and offers up a charming and bright feel for your kitchen space.

If you love retro styling, you can redesign your cabinetry for the simple and stark lines of this popular design era. The shapes and surfaces of the retro kitchen call forth memories of the good old days when people had time to spend together as a family in the kitchen cooking and talking.

If you want to grab a bit of that peace and sense of family from the past, a yellow theme will help you accomplish that with ease.


This color has to be added carefully to a kitchen space, but it can be delightful when it is done correctly. Green can mean many things to many people, from bold and rich forest green to soft pastel green. The choice of which kind of green to add to your kitchen space can have a lot to do with the amount of natural light that your kitchen gets each day.

If you are hesitant to add green counters or put green paint on the walls, another inspired way to bring a touch of your favorite color into your kitchen, is to purchase green appliances. This is a fun nod to retro kitchens and many companies are offering colorful appliances to insert into your kitchen remodel.

A colorful appliance can add just the right splash of color to your selected theme and bring new life to a drab or boring kitchen.


This is a very popular color right now, and not just for use in kitchens. Grey tones are a great way to bring a sense of light and space to a room without having to lean on a bright color to do so. If you are a fan of minimalism and like softness in your color theme, then grey is the right choice for you!

Grey tones pair well with stainless appliances and white counters. This is a place where quartz counters can shine. Quartz comes in beautiful shades of grey, marble, and also stark white, making it a lovely and chic way to bring a touch of brightness into your kitchen space besides the grey.


This is a really fun trend that has become popular again lately and it is not hard to tell why. Blue is a naturally cheerful color and it brings with it a sense of beachy fun that you can’t get from many other colors.

Blue comes in so many shades and tones and you can choose to pair it with white accents or other light shades of blue for your counters and cabinets. Blue is great for any size kitchen because it always adds a sense of peace and space, even in dark colors.

White and Black

This color scheme has never really gone out of style and it’s still popular now. This is a classic and vintage feel that is bright and fun and helps make a kitchen truly unique. You can choose to add black counters or white counters or you can choose black and white accents for your backsplash or your flooring.

This color choice may not fit well in a small kitchen, but it can be really beautiful in a bigger kitchen, especially one that gets a lot of light. Knick Knacks and other added touches can bring this color choice together into a theme and you can bring the tone of your kitchen to new life by choosing it.

There are many Fun Kitchen Colors

As people are spending more and more time at home, kitchen spaces everywhere are getting updated to these new fun schemes. Remember that picking out your counter is a great jumping-off place and then you can design your color scheme from there! There is no wrong choice for your kitchen remodel, and you can dream up any color scheme that makes you love your kitchen all over again!

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