Top Data Science and AI courses to do in 2022

The world of data science and artificial intelligence is continuously evolving and if you want to ensure continued growth and success, you have to stay on top of trends. And the best way to brush up on your old skills and learn new ones is through a degree or an online course. Some of the best tech-led universities in the world offer Master’s degrees in these subjects. These courses are often taught by world leaders in research with the college partnering with Silicon Valley businesses. Studying data science and artificial intelligence at this level will help you demonstrate your technical expertise to potential employers and stand apart from the candidates with only a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

So, whether you are just starting in the field or are an experienced professional who wants to learn some new skills, here are the top data science and AI certification courses to do in 2021:

    1. Master of Business Analytics from MIT

This course focuses on the practical applications of machine learning and data. Taught in one of the leading technical schools in the world, this is the perfect place for you to start your higher education in the field. Since this is a master’s course, you must have at least an undergraduate degree in a related field like mathematics or computer science. But, the college can be flexible around the precise requirements. If you don’t have a related degree, you can also gain extensive work experience. This master’s course will take a year to complete during which you gain the knowledge and skills needed to start working with businesses and helping them solve their problems.

    2. MSc in Statistics: Data Science from Stanford University

Stanford University is also a world-leading university located in the United States that has a strong track record of AI research with global significance. The course will equip you with AI leadership potential and strong practical skills. The specialization of the course is ‘data science with a computational focus’. So, this is a more theoretical course instead of a business-focused Master’s. It will cover advanced software development for engineers and scientists, statistical theory, and multi-core computing. However, you can also take electives in applied fields like neuroimaging techniques, data-driven medicine, social media analytics, and geostatistics.

    3. Master of Computational Data Science from Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon is an institution in the US that is known for its accomplishments and research in data science and AI. It focuses on applying scientific methods to large data systems along with data collection, data analysis, data modeling, scientific experimental design, human-computer interaction, and problem-solving. These problems will be addressed through a Computer Science curriculum that consists of machine learning, software engineering, statistics, storage systems, and large-scale distributed systems. The degree will train you to build new large-scale data science systems.

    4. Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s program from SimpliLearn

IBM is the second-largest Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics solution provider in the world. And it has partnered with SimpliLearn to help students become an expert in data science and AI through integrated blended learning. This AI course is designed in collaboration with IBM to ensure that students are industry-ready for the job roles in the field of data science and AI. Once you complete this AI certification training, you will get certificates from Simplilearn and IBM for the courses you finish in the learning path which will serve as a testament to your skills. Apart from this, you will also receive an industry-recognized AI Master’s certificate from Simplilearn and access to the IBM Cloud Lite account.

This program is a blend of data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning that will enable you to implement advanced models and tools. This course has been designed to give you deep knowledge of AI concepts including the statistics required for data science, machine learning, and python programming. Through this course, you will also be able to learn how to use Python libraries including Scikit-learn, SciPy, and NumPy along with essential machine learning techniques like supervised learning and unsupervised learning. It also covers advanced concepts like TensorFlow, layers of data abstraction, and artificial neural networks.

    5. Post Graduate Program in Data Science from Praxis Business School

This full-time program from Praxis school is nine months long and is offered in three cities – Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Since this is a full-time course, it will require more commitment on your part and can’t be continued while you are working. This is not an online course and must be taken in a classroom/offline setting. Taught by the professors at the Praxis Business School, this project covers a wide range of tools including Python, R, Excel, Spark, SQL, Hadoop, SAS, Amazon AWS (EC2 and EMR), MongoDB (NoSQL), Tableau, and QlikView. It also offers two Capstone projects.

    6. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science from Upgrad

Upgrad offers this 12 months long rigorous online data science course. To finish this course, you will have to dedicate at least 12 to 15 hours every week. However, the best part is that you don’t need any prior coding experience for this. It also offers an option of five specializations for you to choose from. You have to make the decision on the basis of your background and career aspirations. You will be learning through pre-recorded videos available online supported by a live class every month with a university professor. During the course, several tools will be covered including python, R, SAS, SQL, Tableau, etc. It also offers capstone projects.

By 2025, all segments of daily life will be impacted by machine learning and artificial intelligence. These fields have applications in several industries including healthcare, transport and logistics, insurance, transportation, and customer service. Getting an AI certification will lead to a role in this domain. It will set you on the path to an evolving career that is expected to grow sharply in the future.

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