Project Management Software : Top Features To Look Out For

Project Management: Project management is a complex task and managers have numerous responsibilities that can make the entire process highly consuming. To schedule and plan work efficiently, successful project managers make use of top project management tools.

A project management(PM) software is a digital solution to automate and organize all project tasks so managers can allocate them to the right team member. With the help of a PM software, managers can significantly improve the project workflow and ensure team members are staying productive.

But with a plethora of options available in the market, it can get challenging to pick the right software solution for your organizational needs. To ease the process, project managers need to list out features that align with these goals.

We have listed below the top features you must look out for in a project management software:

1) Project Planning:

For project managers, it is essential to know who is responsible for what part of the project. A project management software allows you to easily create projects and plan tasks so they can be allocated to a team member.

These tasks can be prioritized to ensure crucial activities are looked after first. The PM software you choose should help in planning and scheduling every aspect of the project.

2) User friendly interface:

An intuitive user friendly interface should be a priority when looking for a PM software. You do not want to waste time going through training to learn how to use a software.

Pick a software that is easy to use and has clear navigation aids so you and your team can quickly find what they are looking for. A complex tool will waste your time, money and business resources.

3) Collaboration Tools:

With multiple people working on a project, it can get difficult to bring everyone on the same page. But it is necessary to achieve that for enhanced coordination.

Top PM software come loaded with features that make collaborating with team members a piece of cake. They facilitate communication through instant messaging and allow you to share important files with the project team members.

4) Time Tracking Tools:

It can be counter productive to keep seeking constant updates from team members regarding their work progress. A project management software with in-built time tracking tools will quickly capture how employees are spending their time.

With time tracking tools, you can identify how much time was dedicated to a particular task within the project. These statistics help in generating estimates for upcoming tasks with higher precision.

5) Project Reporting:

It is important to measure project progress at every milestone in order to ensure the project is on schedule and within the budget. For this, PM software must include reporting tools to provide data based on existing work status.

For instance, if you want to understand if a certain team member is resourceful for the team or not, you can generate a report to evaluate his/her performance based on the data recorded in the software.

6) Integration capabilities:

Since your team will be using the PM software everyday, it needs to have integration capabilities. A project management software with in-built integration capabilities will effortlessly synchronize the data with other systems.

When investing in a PM software, you need to ensure whether or not that software is compatible with your existing systems. Make sure to ask your vendor before you go ahead with the purchase.


Depending on the size of your organization, you can select the features that are an absolute must for the best execution of your projects. With the correct features, you can ensure project success by meticulously planning every step of the project. These features will ensure your team members collaborate seamlessly and work productively.

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