Designer and casual tote bags – The top five types for you


Women love their bags! For them, it’s always more the merrier. Also, the designer brands today are coming up with attractive bags that can get used both for occasional and casual purposes. However, are you someone who has an affinity for stylish and big bags? If yes, you could say yes to the smart and stylish tote bags. You will find them in various materials, such as cotton, plastic, and canvas. However, the best variant that is available is the leather tote bags. Suave, sleek, and spacious these bags are something that every woman wants.

Today, you will come across several tote bags online! If you are new to this category of bags, it is essential to know the multiple types for you to decide well. Discussed below are the top five tote bag types that you can select from as you shop for yours.

1. The big canvas shopping tote bags

Initially, the tote bags were called the shopping bags, and it is mainly because of the size. After that, designers have been craftily experimenting with this form and blending it with several fashion templates. That’s where you have the chic and modish tote bags today. However, when it is about the huge shopping totes, you can select the size that fits best for you. And just because it says shopping, doesn’t mean it can’t have any other utility. Large size bags are in fashion for a long time now. You can stuff your shopping totes with your wallet, tablet device, camera, and other daily belongings and can carry it as your everyday bag.

The ideal material for this tote will be leather, faux leather, or canvas. These materials are sturdy and long lasting. That means, if your bag load is extra for some reason, there’s no chance of the strap coming out or the stitches ripping apart. It’s the bag handles that makes it easy for you to carry. You can select from a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs that are available today.

2. The small crossbody tote

Even if you have an affinity for big bags, you can experiment! It doesn’t mean you have to move out of your favorite tote bags completely. You can select a variant that comes under it. If you are just out for a handful of hours, you can keep aside your regular tote for a while and select the small cross body tote. It is easier to carry and is a smart bag choice for the woman who loves to dress sober and fashionable.

The crossbody totes are an apt choice if you are traveling, going out for brunch, going to a casual and friendly meet-up, leisure walks, and many more. It gives you ample space to carry your wallet, phone, sunglasses, and your daily make-up kit. If you are planning for a vacation, it is a wise choice. You can easily pack it with your primary luggage. Later on, you can use this bag as your tourist purse when you are out on your sightseeing. The bag can accommodate a small water bottle, phone, papers, snack, and many more. It can easily fit within the airplane bag. Also, if you are a person who loves to spend time outdoors, you can use this bag daily as well.

3. The classic corporate tote bag

You sure have to create an impression and be well turned out when you are in a corporate scene. Everything from your dress, hairstyle, shoe, watch pen, Smartphone case, and bag matters. You are always under the scanner. And that means it is essential for you to ensure that you are dressed well, keeping the corporate dressing code. You will have files, tablet devices, power banks, and other accessories to carry daily. A stylish and spacious bag is what you need. It is here that corporate tote bags can help you in a big way.

Usually, the formal or corporate tote bags are made of leather or faux leather, to give it an official appearance. The size varies from medium to large, with a flat and fixed bottom. It is sturdy and can withstand daily use without getting worn.

4. The everyday tote bags

Whether you want to visit a friend or have a birthday party to attend, the daily tote bag is the best accessory for you. Designed using mostly high-quality faux leather, leather, canvas, and sometimes synthetic materials, this bag is usually medium-sized and have unique designs. You can find quirky badges on it at times. Some designers also experiment with designer chains, sequins, prints, and color combinations. These bags come with high raised sides and a flat bottom that gives the bag the ample space to carry your every belonging like a note pad, wallet, phone, mobile charger, pen case and perhaps a small box of dry fruits and nuts as well.

5. The beach tote bag

It is essential for all women to have a beach tote bag of their choice! And there are plenty to choose from today, from the attractive online stores which feature products from reputed brands. A beach tote bag has a zipper that adds greater security. Also, you have the chance to select from various vibrant colors to complement the beach ambiance and your beachwear. Fashion experts suggest that the best option is a tri-color beach tote, which is sand and water-proof, and that looks compact and chic. Else you can purchase two of different colors and alternate it the way you want to.

Women today have several reasons to say yes to casual and designer tote bags! There are many other variants other than the ones discussed above. However, if you are new to tote bags, you can decide which one do you wish to opt-in for, based on your choice, requirement, and budget capacity. If you already have a tote bag, you can expand the variety by opting in for a tote bag type which you don’t own. For instance, if you have always carried leather tote bags to work, try shopping for a cross body tote or a beach tote. That way, you can add your style and bag collection as well.

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