Top 12 Hairstyles You Should Try In 2020


Are you ready to have a new hairstyle in 2020? If you feel blasé about your hairstyle, you may consider changing your looks for 2020. There are a few tips to keep in mind before your next big date. One strong recommendation by Kendra Aarhus is that you first need to decide the right hairstylist. If you do not have enough trust in your old hairstylist’s capacity to transform your looks, then go to professionals.

When you want a new look, you have to put your trust in the hands of the hairdresser, so you want to be sure he or she can handle it. Aarhus insisted that you must know your limits. If you do not think a chin-length cut would be nice, then go for the medium-length bob cut. If you are not sure about which hairstyles to try in 2020, here is a list to make it easy to choose.

1.      Bob Haircut

The bob cut never gets old. It is always in style and has been an iconic hairstyle in the 60s. As it is right now, it does not seem as if the bob style will become extinct. In 2020, we may just as well see it boom again as some celebrity figures are still making their appearance with this hairstyle. Why people still love it, is because it is a wash-and-go hairstyle.

2.      Modern Shag

As we enter 2020, a new decade is starting and we will see many fulfilled hairstyles. The shag has been recurring since the 70s and 80s and has become iconic in recent years. It has been reinvented into the “Modern Shag” and has more layers and texture. This makes it seem better and more sophisticated than it did in the past. You may have some concerns about how it suits your face cut, so be sure you want this cut. The expert hairdressers in Cardiff at Bellisimos can guide you on this.

3.      Rachel Haircut

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in the famous TV show FRIENDS became an iconic one. We are going to see a revival of this in 2020. It works with all face cuts and makes you look sophisticated and younger than your age. Moreover, the Rachel haircut is easy to maintain. Just wash it, blow dry it, and go. If you have naturally silky hair, you do not need to blow-dry them. The heavy layers and fringes make you look gorgeous with minimal styling.

4.      Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs were the best hairstyle of 2018. If you were not able to try it in the past decade, then embrace it now. Baby Bangs are always in trend. You can have them with a short and long face cut; you can also have them with long, medium, or short hair. Baby bangs always make you look charming, younger, and fresh.

5.      Long Bangs

Jessica Puglia is a famous hairstylist, owner of The Hair Mansion salon. Generally, the long bangs make square-shaped faces look softer and longer. If you have a heart-shaped or round face cut, then this will be very appealing for you.

6.      Soft Curtain Bangs

If you know the best hairdresser near you, then ask them to give you the soft curtain bangs. If you do not like having fringes that interfere with your vision and poke your eyes, then these bangs are ideal for you. They are longer and just the best fit. They became very famous in the 70s and now the hands of time are turning back as we enter 2020. We will see this hairstyle everywhere in Cardiff. For people with a longer forehead, these bangs are ideal and make you look attractive.

7.      Farrah Fawcett Feathered Layers

This hairstyle has long layers that work perfectly with all hair types. The hairstyle adds more bounce and body to your hair, making you look attractive and youthful. Farrah Fawcett introduced this hairstyle in the 70s. When you get this haircut with layers, you feel stylish, classy, and confident about your charming aura. Add some hairspray and you are ready to turn heads wherever you go.

8.      Middle-Parted Medium-Length Haircuts

With feathered layers, how you part your hair is an important matter. For this hairstyle, you must part it from the center. The center part gives you a retro look, which is slightly different from the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. Moreover, this hairstyle is great for medium length haircuts, so you can look amazing and handle your hair in style.

9.      “Short, Chic, and Sassy” Pixie Haircuts

Never underestimate the power of the short, chic, pixie type sassy haircut. Yes, they are coming back in 2020 and you must try them now. Short haircuts like these look fresh and make you look younger. Moreover, they are easy to manage.

10. Short and Slick Haircut

If you want to try a hairstyle that is short and layered, then this will be something you will love in 2020. It is a versatile hairstyle, which makes you look gelled and slick. It had been a favorite in the years 2014 and 2015, and now it is back again. You will feel sophisticated and confident and it will make your face cut prominent. Managing it is simple. Just add some high-quality gel on your hands and let the fingers pass through the hair. Comb the hair with the wide-toothed comb and your hair is set. It is a great hairstyle for people who are constantly on the go.

11. Curly Haircuts

It is time to experiment with a new texture in your hair, so go curly. You do not have to wear your naturally straight hair all the time. This year, curl your hair, whether short or long and style them in amazing ways with clips and pins. Curled hair always looks gorgeous and makes your face cut look just perfect. 

12. Cornrows, Braids, and Bantu Knots

Braids, Bantu Knots, and Cornrows can adorn your head and give you an attractive ethnic Afro style. It is for everyone and looks amazing on all hair types. However, you need to make sure that you visit the hairdressers who can do this hairstyle for you with perfection.

There you go! You have the best hairstyle picks for 2020. Start trying them out and make the most of this decade.

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