4 Security Threats that are Reasons for the downfall of Hotels [New Research]

Hotel security threat

Dining business is best just because of one reason. You don’t need to make a very broad and comprehensive analysis to get a start. You just need to comprehend how to cook delicious and find a place to sell it. Hotels and restaurants provide various guest services i.e. meals and lodging for the long and short term. Each business has its impediments. Commencing a hotel is very easy but maintaining requires much caution. Over the globe machine learning and AI is advancing day by day. Cyber attackers are deeply analysing every business which they can attack. Terrorist organizations are using less secured businesses to get benefits from them and business owners have to bear consequences.

Hotels are the aim of terrorists and cyber attackers because most of the time many hotels don’t follow any security protocols. They have not installed equipment to detect and deter fraud.

Theft faced by Hotels:

Cyber attacks are rising on daily basis and every business is suffering from security thefts. Hotels are deemed more vulnerable because they receive substantial traffic of various appearances daily. Cyber attackers use their internet for different cyber crimes and terrorist uses their place to sit and plan their terrorist activities. Fraudulent are using their black money to pay for their meals while hackers are hijacking their payments. By taking proper precautions these thefts could be thwarted. Cyber Security Thefts faced by hotels include:

1- Misuse of Internet

2- Fake Identity Theft

3- Fake Credit Cards

4- Employee Theft.

Misuse of the internet:

Mostly internet of hotels is public and passwordless for permitted access to their users. Fraudulent use unrestricted internet for the electronic scam and to secure his true identity and location. Public internet can be used to place bogus orders on less secured websites using fake identity and address. Some psychopaths do this just to enjoy the tensed appearance on the face of other people when they receive the order. Hackers use public internet for most of the hacking activities to conceal their original location.

Fake Identity Theft:

Terrorist organizations use the restrooms of several hotels to stay and conduct their felonious activity. They use these rooms to hide explosives. They provide their pseudo identities to hide their true disguise identity. Various cases had been reported when a criminal found staying in a hotel with a pseudo name and completing his criminal activities. Seldomly hotels found involved while most of the time they faced consequences just due to their negligence.

Fake Credit Cards:

Fake credit cards are affecting the whole world. Either your customer is paying you online through credit card or in-store it could be fake. Many cases are reported for use of fake credit cards in hotels. Criminal steal someone’s credit card and pay through it for their meals or they use a totally fake credit card that even doesn’t exist in practical to pay at hotels due to no security checks or limited security checks, they are able to bypass or cheat the system.

Employee Theft:

No one is trustworthy you should run your business with open eyes. Employee theft is gravest of all for hotels. Usually, hotels don’t require documents for their available jobs or if they require they don’t check either these provided documents are authentic or not. They just take the documents and keep them in some doc cabinet. Your employee might be a terrorist struggling for his criminal activities using your hotel. He might be wanted through any responsible department. He might be using your internet for his hacking activities.


To prevent all these thefts hotel owners should take some measures. Most important of them is to install security cameras and connect them with identity verification software. Your cameras will detect faces in your hotel and with the help of identity verification software, your system will match them with the database to check if any wanted person is sojourning in your hotel or is associated with your business by any means. Credit card checks should be applied to verify if the credit card is real or fake. Through an effective Address Verification System, The hotel should verify the address of its employees to confirm the actual living place of their employees and to check that they are not lying.

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