5 Types of Dining Sets That You Should Definitely Check Out for Your Restaurant

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Planning a new restaurant set-up can be a hectic and flustering process. From organizing staff, deciding menus, taking care of the interiors to dealing with suppliers, one has a lot to manage. And, even with all the systematization, you tend to leave out the most important part of your restaurant- the dining. Other than delicious cuisine and courteous staff, the decor of your restaurant also plays a significant role in creating the first impression on the customer.

The centerpiece of any restaurant is the dining room. It is more than just tables and chairs. It sets the tone and personifies the ambiance of your restaurant. When planning an interior of your restaurant, you should also focus on its wall color, lighting, table setting, music, and outlook, which will help you to create a lasting impact on your customers.

Coming to decor, the furniture you choose is also very important. It should be sturdy enough to handle the ordeals of a busy restaurant. You may also choose tables and chairs that are easily movable. However, setting too many tables and chairs can make the area look cramped and unpleasant. When you purchase restaurant tables and chairs India makes sure it is budget-friendly, has solid construction, fits your space and designs that you’ll love for years. One should also ensure that the furniture suits the decor of your restaurant and does not look out of space.

To help you out, here are some of the common types of dining sets which will help you to enhance the decor of your restaurant.

Types of Dining Sets


The traditional tables and chairs have a royal and opulent look which imparts a timeless theme to the restaurant. It usually has a detailed structure with elegantly engraved designs.


Modern style furnishing and decor refers to earthy or neutral colors, natural materials and elimination of futile detailing. When it comes to choosing round tables and simple chairs, modern varieties are elementary and modest. Modern dining set adds a lofty and mellow element to the restaurant.


The rustic style includes the dining tables which have exposed attic. It uses unpainted wood and natural materials to make it look seemingly old and innate. It is generally used in cabins, cottages and vintage restaurants as they add a rustic touch to their decor.


The contemporary style refers to current design trends with a touch of homage to the past. Contemporary style dining set appears in different shapes, look and pattern. It depicts the futuristic vibe and appearances.


Industrial dining set looks tough and rigid, which brings the look and feel of factory interiors and equipment. It is usually made up of wood and metals paired to give you a persistent look.

Well-Balanced dining set with a mix of tables styles and chairs reduces the waiting time for seating. The style of your dining sets also depends on the type of restaurant. A cafe generally requires smaller dining sets than a family restaurant. You can choose the layout of your dining set based on the type of restaurant.

Tables for two to four-person

It is the most popular table format that you will find in restaurants. It is suitable for accommodating two to four people at a time. Because of its orientation, it gives a very decent and opulent look.

High-top or bar height tables

Bar height tables are generally used at a sports bar and pubs where the counterpart is attached to a base to create a high top table. Bar stools are used with this type of high tables.

Family-Dining tables

Big restaurants generally use family dining sized tables to accommodate eight to ten people at a time.

Tables for outdoor sitting

When selecting a dining set for the outdoor area, consider weather-resistant tables and chairs. Also, choose tables and chairs that can be folded or stacked easily.

The furniture you choose depends on whether you want to manage fine dining or casual dining arrangements. The customers expect to have an exclusive dining experience from food to furniture. Your furniture is an asset, and so, you should never compromise on its When purchasing quality restaurant tables and chairs in India look for easy to clean designs, avoid styles with a lot of intricate carvings and cleft. Also, if you are buying chairs with fabric seats, make sure it is strain-resistant.

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