Different Types Of Herbal Tea


Tea has been a rejuvenating drink over the years. It is consumed almost all over the world. Every one of us has sipped a cup of tea at some point in our life. However, traditional tea is not quite suitable for our health as it contains sugar and sometimes powdered milk. With growing awareness, people are looking for a healthy drink.

We are also in search of tea which can cure some life-style related diseases. Herbal tea does the same for us. It helps in preventing some life-style related disorders like indigestion, bloating, nausea, colds, back pain, spasm, etc. We have listed the best teas for relieving back pain & spasms you can choose from according to the ailment you have and the flavor you prefer.

Ginger Tea:

Ginger is one of the best spices available in nature. It has many health benefits as it is full of antioxidants. It helps in getting rid of cold, cough, and fever. It also helps in alleviating a few stomach ailments like indigestion, bloating, etc.


  • One tablespoonful of grated ginger root.
  • A half tablespoonful of honey
  • Few cloves
  • Orange peel
  • One inch of cinnamon bark


Boil some water till it starts bubbling. Then add all the ginger, cloves, orange peel, and cinnamon bark and boil them on low heat. Leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then strain it into a cup and add honey. Your excellent ginger tea is ready to drink.

Basil Tea:

Basil is a fantastic herb with lots of health benefits. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can alleviate many diseases. Consumption of basil leaves in all forms is beneficial for us. It helps in healing skin diseases, upset tummy, fever, headache, sore throat, flu, etc. Moreover, it helps in digestion, controls free radicals, and keeps our liver healthy.


  • One-fourth cup of basil leaves
  • one tablespoonful of lemon juice
  • one tablespoonful of honey


Boil one and a half cup of water. Once the water starts bubbling, pour the basil leaves and boil the water for 10-12 minutes in a very low flame. Then strain the liquid in a cup, add the lemon juice, honey, and stir. Your basil tea is ready to drink.

Turmeric Tea:

Turmeric is primarily used in preparing curries. How about using it to treat some diseases? It might sound a bit strange, but it is a very powerful her, which can give relief from inflammation in the whole body and soothes different kinds of pains like arthritis, severe headache, back pain, muscle cramps, and spasm. When it is combined with another super herb, ginger, it can work wonder in dealing with anxiety.


  • One and a half cup of water
  • One tablespoonful of freshly grated ginger root
  • One tablespoonful of freshly grated turmeric root
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • One tablespoonful of lemon juice (optional)


Take the water in a container and boil it. Once it starts bubbling, add ginger and turmeric root and heat it in low flame for about 15 minutes. Then sieve the water and add a pinch of black pepper. You can also add some honey if you want to sweeten the taste.

Mint Tea:

Mint is another refreshing herb that is loaded with antioxidants and a lot of health benefits. It also soothes abdominal pain, spasm, bloating caused due to indigestion and promotes digestion of food. Moreover, it helps in relieving inflammation and other skin problems caused by a bacterial infection.


  • One and a half cup of water
  • One-fourth cup of fresh mint leaves
  • Two tablespoonsful of lemon juice
  • One tablespoonful of honey


Boil the water and add the mint leaves. Steep it for 10-12 minutes, strain the liquid and add lemon juice and honey. The aroma is irresistible to wait. Sip it and enjoy your healthy herbal tea.

You can also try it cold. All you need is to let it the tea cool and then add a few ice cubes. It a superb drink in summer to fight abdominal and skill-related issues.

Fennel Tea:

Fennel is another herb that comes with multiple health benefits. These seeds are mentioned in Ayurveda as one of the most useful spices available in the Indian kitchen. The antioxidant properties of fennel seed kill the free radicals. The fiber and essential oils in these tiny seeds help in removing the toxins from our bodies. These seeds are also very useful in digestion and quelling stomach disorders, pain, etc.

Ingredients Of Fennel Tea:

  • One cup of billing water
  • One tablespoonful of dried and crushed fennel seeds


Like other herbal teas, we do not prepare fennel tea by boiling it in water because it may destroy the nutrients. Take one tablespoonful of crushed fennel seeds in a cup. Add a cup of boiling water in it. Cover the container and leave it for ten minutes. After ten minutes sieve the water, your fennel tea is ready. Add a little honey if you want to sweeten it.If you are pregnant, you must consult your gynecologist before taking fennel tea, as it might affect the endocrine system of the baby.

Herbal teas are excellent drinks with loads of health benefits; however, these are not replacements for medicines. These are more preventive rather than curing a disease. If you are suffering from any ailment, it is better to consult your doctor and take medications. We have tried to inform you about the best teas for relieving back pain & spasms, how to prepare these teas and their benefits. We hope you have liked it.

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