Why You Should Use Seedbox for Torrenting?

With the increment of media available easily on the internet torrenting amongst the netizens have gone up a lot surely. The growth of the internet and ease of its accessibility has also increased the download of torrents and usage of torrent sites.

Seedbox Torrenting

But the main and important question is if torrents are safe? With the biggest of the torrent likes kickass torrent getting shut down most of the public that uses torrent is ending up on torrent sites that are really not safe.

Many of these torrent sites will lead the user to either a malicious link or some weird or uncomfortable pop-ups. On the other hand, torrenting some of the media files like movies and shows and PC games is illegal in most of the countries. Thus you become mostly exposed to the authorities and you are not secure anymore.

So what is the solution this you may ask? Let’s get right into it.

Seedbox: What is it?

A Seedbox is a virtual and private computer used to torrent your files securely and safely. It helps the user both download and upload torrent files at a much faster rate. The file is first downloaded to a P2P site and then you can download it from there.

How does it work?

Seedbox systems use the same method as any else computer would follow. It uses the BitTorrent protocol and perform the download and upload operations of the file. You may be wondering what is the difference then? Well, these systems are placed in remote areas and are used solely for this purpose thus providing very high speed.

When using Seedbox you do not affect your own system’s bandwidth and its resources. In this system, your computer is like a manger which has Seedbox performing all of its torrent related work.

Since these torrents will be downloaded at a third party system first rather than yours thus the issue of your privacy being exposed is not present. Your privacy is completely hidden from anyone.

When using this you use a public IP of a system to connect to a P2P or peer to peer site. You can stream the content directly from online players like Plex. Or just download these files directly onto your computer with SFTP(SSH file transfer protocol) or the most common one HTTPS. Check out best cheap Seedbox available in the online market.

Why Seedbox?

The growth of cloud computing and near about infinite storage space on the cloud has already made it the technology of the decade. Seedbox uses this technology. Well if the above reasons were not enough to make up your mind for using Seedbox or not then probably these will.

Ease of use: Anyone literally with a Linux system, a good internet connection, and a high-performance server box can easily rent a Seedbox.

The Seedbox provider will provide/rent you with a VPN( Virtually Private Network) which will be already in the state of torrenting and you can easily start on the go. Some providers even have Seedboxes in Windows and macOS. You need to understand the fact that there is a big difference between Seedbox vs VPN.

Cost-effective: Seedboxes are very cost-effective as you only have to pay just once for its services either on a monthly basis or yearly but its only one-time payment. You won’t be asked to do another payment and will be able to enjoy the resources space and utilities.

Choose between a personal or a shared server:

If you have the money and would not like to compromise with the speed of the download then dedicated server are the one for you but if you cannot afford a dedicated server then worry not as a shared server is also provided by Seedbox which will have you share your downloading speed with other users but it will be seen that a single user does not eat up the whole 100% bandwidth.

Safe servers and amazing speed!!

The servers are generally located in torrent friendly type countries like the Netherlands, Finland, and France which are not that strict regarding copyright. The speed provided by Seedbox is just amazing. You can download a movie or a game worth GB of data in just a matter of minutes.

Thus Seedbox provides one of its kind services and using cloud technology gives the user a really amazing experience. It’s a value for money and if you love to download torrents then Seedbox is a must-have. So go out there and rent a Seedbox and start downloading your favorite torrents!!!

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