Practical Uses Of Electronic Spreadsheet Application (Microsoft Excel)

Case Study:

A spreadsheet is a table consisting of rows and and columns.

Microsoft Office Excel is a powerful electronic spreadsheet used in creating business plans, estimate business cost and manipulating student scores/grading.

Uses of spreadsheets

Uses Of MS Excel

  • Statistical analysis 
  • Estimating student scores, grading 
  • Creating business plans
  • Calculate results
  • And other uses of electronic spreadsheet in excel

How To Master MS Excel Documents

To open any excel document from the desktop, here are some basic steps to follow:

  1. Click on the start buttons 
  2. Navigate to programs
  3. Click on the Microsoft Excel 

Features Or Element Of MS Excel Screen 

  1. The Title Bar: It carries the name of application and the name of the file. 
  2. The Menu Bar: This consist of menu used to issue commands. 
  3. The Standard Toolbar: This consist icons and buttons that carry out predefined functions when clicked upon in spreadsheet program.
  4. The Formating Bar: This also contains icons used for the enhancement of worksheet data and formating of spreadsheet file.
  5. Formula Bar: In spreadsheet software, this Bar carries the name box which displays the address of an active cell, a cell reference bar. 
  6. Worksheet: This is the largest part of the screen consisting of grid lines, Rows and Columns.

Electronic spreadsheets Application can be used for various services such as collecting and organizing information in schools and offices, store data and calculations. 

With my brief explanation so far, I believe you have understood what is spreadsheet and its applications. So, if you are looking for a PC software for instant calculations, MS office Excel is the final solution.

If you have any question regarding electric spreadsheet, feel free to drop your comment. That’s if you need some common examples of electronic spreadsheet and their functions.

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