Using Quizzes For Marketing- A great way to generate leads

The online quiz concept is likely to be as ancient as the Internet itself. Aside from being a critical evaluation tool, online tests have proved their worth in engaging audiences- a fact with which companies and marketers worldwide would agree.

What is a Quiz?

A Quiz can be described as a game or brain teaser used to assess awareness. When participants play with each other to get the highest score, this can include an element of competition, which helps participants to become more involved.

Different types of Quizzes

1. Personality Quiz

Personality Quizzes are one of the most common types of quizzes, which can be used for numerous different purposes. Quizzes can be serious, fun, or educational. These are the types of quizzes with titles such as:

  • What are you as a Salesperson
  • What type of animal are you
  • Which Product should I select?

You can adapt a personality quiz to your particular situation. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, experiment with various types of personality questions, and track the results to see which one is best for your audience.

2. Test your knowledge Quiz

These Quizzes are one of the most common, and you know them probably by another name- Multiple choice quizzes. Each question here has a correct answer, and the results are based on how many issues are correct. You may check your awareness of a topic with this kind of quiz.

This can be an excellent way to teach your audience a new concept and provide insight. Most people believe that they know the answer to the question during this kind of quiz when the answer is counterintuitive.

This opens the mind to new experiences by creating errors. Your audience can go and learn about an idea they believed they knew. This is a perfect way to impress people and switch their gears.

3. Geography Quiz

It is an excellent way to test your awareness of a number of topics, including geography. Teachers can create a geography quiz online for their students and add it to their distance geography course curriculum.

aidaform geography

The creation of a general geographic knowledge quiz with AidaForm is a quick step because you don’t need to learn Html coding. AidaForm has a basic geography quiz template that can be used immediately or adapted with your own questions and quiz logic.

How to create a quiz that generates leads?

Step 1: Identify and write questions about your quiz concept

It would be best if you generated ideas and brainstorm titles before you put together your quiz. It’s time to ask questions once you have an idea.

i. The idea of the subject

I’ve noticed an all-around trend between the title formats:” Which (Blank) are you?” It operates well and reliably. It specifically refers to the individual who takes the test and instantly becomes specific and engaging. This title style will help you bring together the right questions and set the engagement question until it is online, as quickly as possible.

ii. Questions around the quizzes

The explanation of why we have so many questionnaires is that we all want to learn about ourselves more. There are not many traditional marketing tactics that allow people to talk about themselves- but quizzes do. (We spend almost 40% of our conversations talking about ourselves, not others).

The key to posing great quiz questions is to ask them as if you speak to the questioners themselves. Imagine talking with someone and telling them to know something about her. Which style, word usage, expression, etc. would bring her to speak more freely about herself? Let your question writing guide these insights.

Step 2: Integrate a quiz form with your email capture

Capturing leads must be taken into consideration when a quiz is put together. Certainly, quizzes without a lead gene focus can still help you gain insight into your group but don’t miss out on your opportunity to create leads.

Lead capture forms should come after the last question, but they should be used before results are revealed. This is perfect as it requires two minutes to complete a decent questionnaire. After that time, because a questioner is invested in viewing his results, it is not generally seen as a great barrier to the email collection form.

Nevertheless, you would like to write a copy to enable your audience. In addition to simply seeing quiz results, it is essential to provide some encouragement for a good email capture form on a quiz.

Of course, people want their results, but you should give them some extra value that is relevant to the questionnaire. This might be an email course, a free whitepaper, an e-book, or a consultation about the quiz.

Step 3: Write user-friendly, compelling, and promising quiz results.

This is the part you have been waiting for in your questionnaire. A specific process to write quiz results leads to more shares and a larger rate of clicking, and I have divided it into three main elements:-

  • An Illustration showing the result: You want people to share their findings, and an image representing each result is compelling rather than a generic image.
  • A short overview: Increasing optimistic language, which represents at least three or four words, helps to generate the strongest responses and inspire the most shares.
  • An Action Demand: It is the ability to take advantage of the excitement that the quiz brings to get people to start talking about the company. In addition to an illustration and summary, provide a CTA to include specific information related to the contestant’s performance.

Step 4: Using results to tailor email marketing

You will be able to monitor and refer to the specific quiz results that you received once you have a new subscriber from your quiz. Transactional emails, such as quiz results, are opened twice as much as non-personalized emails based on campaigns, and that makes sense.

If you get an email that is customized and use all the details you have supplied in a quiz, you would indulge in this material far more definitely- and the company that sent it.

You should reiterate the results of your first email immediately after someone takes a quiz and present your brand. Then work on the quiz results as you continue to the drip campaign. I suggest forwarding the outcome of the quiz in at least the first three mailings you send a new customer who took the quiz.

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