Tips To Surprise Your Partner This Valentine

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Days are flying so fast, its Valentine again! Take this day as a time for you to show your partner how much you love her. Give her a surprise that she would never forget until the rest of his/her life. 

How To Surprise Your Partner This Valentine

Here are some good tips you can do to make your partner surprised this Valentine: 

If you met your special someone through online matrimonial sites, take advantage of the time you are chatting with him/her. Ask him/her questions that will help you spot on what interests him/her. Start asking questions like:

What is he/she fond of.

Although these information are visible on their matrimonial profile, it would help a lot if you ask this question directly. By doing so, you will have a good idea on the best gift to give.

Where is he/she spending Valentine

If you haven’t met the person yet (some who met in matrimonial websites turn their relationship to the next level even they have not met yet), maybe it is time to do it this Valentine. Surprise them with your presence.

Tip: To make this happen, make sure you plan ahead. If you have met him/her through the top matrimonial sites in India, their matchmaking process may include pairing people just near their area, needless to say, you have to plan ahead to make sure you will not spoil the surprise and you will truly be there.

Send online greeting cards or gift vouchers:

If you think that meeting him/her in person is not possible as of yet, then sending her online greeting cards or a gift to his/her physical address would definitely surprise your partner this Valentine. Most of the matrimonial sites do not include physical address on the matrimonial profile of their members, so this question is something you should ask your partner.

Tip: Ask for his/her address as discretely as possible, asking this question directly will give him/her a hint.

Pretend you have nothing to offer this Valentine

Do not give him/her hints you are shopping for Valentine presents. Pretend that you are too busy at work giving you no time to go out and shop or could be you are not into celebrating Valentine or you can use the excuse of hating overcrowded shopping malls, be as creative as possible, to make sure he/she will not get hint you are up for something,

If you met your partner through one of the many matrimonial sites, the best gift to offer her is nothing else but a wedding proposal. But of course, you should not do it until the time you are sure she is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, do not use Valentine as an excuse for proposing.

There are so many ways to surprise your partner this Valentine, it can be simple and not too fancy, the important thing is that you showed him/her your love and affection.

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