All You Need To Know About Visa Subclass 485 Health Insurance Requirements

How to go from an international student study visa to temporary medical leave health insurance? Studying outside your country of origin can often be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s easier to get temporary leave than a permanent resident visa. Moving from a student visa to a temporary study visa is usually a relatively simple procedure. All you need is evidence of you will receive coverage for the period of your stay and proof of health coverage.

There are many ways to approach the issue of securing a 485 visa health insurance in Australia. The first step is to seek out a suitable offshore doctor. It is important to make sure that your overseas doctor is qualified to practice in Australia. There are several international health insurance companies that are able to offer plans for those studying in Australia and other countries that meet certain regulations. They may also offer Medicare supplement insurance as an option.

485 graduate visa is a temporary visa. This visa allows the applicant to stay in Australia and they can continue to study. After completing their studies they can start their work in Australia. This graduate visa 485 has two types of the stream: post-study work stream and graduate work stream. The student who is an international graduate are also eligible for a 485 temporary graduate visa. Visa authorities provide OVHC (Overseas Visitors Health Cover) for international visitors. In Australia, OVHC lets the applicant access health and medical cover. When the applicant travels to Australia each time they required a subclass 485 Health Insurance visa.

Eligibility Criteria Of 485 Graduate Visa

Eligibility criteria of graduate visa 485 are mentioned below:

  • The age of the candidate must be older than 18 but under 50.
  • The applicant has to hold an eligible visa.
  • It is necessary for the applicant has recent qualifications, and this course has to be registered in a CRICOS.
  • The applicant has to fulfill additional requirements.
  • The applicant has to submit all the important.


  • The applicant needs to meet the health requirement. Based on their health declaration, the visa authority decided which applicants require this health checkup.

The applicant who is applying for this graduate visa 485, stays in Australia and after completing the graduation want to study or work in Australia they must Register Migration Agent Adelaide.

Purpose Of The 485 Graduate Visa

  • After finishing the graduation the applicant can stay in Australia 2 to 4 years.
  • When the applicant stays in Australia they can travel, work or study in Australia.

Stay Time In Australia

The length of the stay time in Australia also depends on the qualification of the candidate.

  • 2 years for a bachelor’s degree.
  • 2 years for the master degree by coursework
  • 3 years for a master’s degree by research.
  • 4 years for a doctoral degree.
  • Extending this 485 graduate visa the applicant cannot stay in Australia.

Include Family Member

When the applicant applied for the visa they can include family members in their application. Each and every family member who is applying for this visa they have to fulfill all the requirements of character and health. The applicant adds dependent children in their application. After the visa authority grants their application, the applicant and their family members join as a subsequent entrant in Australia.

Application Process

The applicant made an application for this graduate visa 485 online. Complete the application the applicant has to ready all the important documents and complete the payment process also. When they applied for this visa the applicant must stay in Australia.

Checklist Of Graduate Visa 485

The home affairs department has arranged a complete checklist. This checklist mentioned all the things which are important for the visa application. This checklist is also very helpful for the applicant.

Processing Time Of The 485 Graduate Visa

  • 75% of the applicants within 83 days.
  • 90% of the applicants within 5 months.

Reason Of Taking Time To Process The 485 Graduate Visa

  • If the applicant of the graduate visa 485 fills the form incorrectly.
  • If the visitor has not included all the documents which are important for granted the visa.
  • It is a very process of time taking to verify all the documents which are the applicant submitted.

Cost Of The Visa

  • The total cost of the main applicant is AUD1,650.
  • Family members who are applying for this visa, each and every member has to pay the visa application charges.
  • Subsequent entrants have to pay the full charges of visa application.
  • The applicant has to pay the charges for health checkups, biometrics, and police verification.

The Obligation Of The Graduate Visa 485

The obligation of the visa which is applied to the applicant and the included family member is mentioned below:

  • Follow all the Australian laws.
  • The applicant needs to follow all the conditions of the current visa.
  • When the 485 graduate visa is in effect, the applicant has to comply with all the conditions of the visa.

Travel Limitation Of The Graduate Visa 485

When the validation of 485 graduate visa active, the applicant can travel outside of Australia and return many times in Australia as they want. The time which is spending the applicant outside Australia, they are not able to extend their visa.


The applicant can travel, work or study in Australia with this temporary graduate visa 485. Stay time of the applicant in Australia the applicant access health and medical cover. The visa authority digitally links the applicant visa with the passport, the applicant did not get any label in their passport. I hope this article provides you with all information about 485 visa health insurance or perhaps, health insurance for 485 visa.

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