5 Ways to Stop Your Child’s Phone Addiction

Phone addiction: is peaking amongst children around the world. The impact is so much that they can spend hours just technically spending hours on their phones just texting day in and day out. Smartphones have made texting more interesting than general conversation.

When you can insert emoticons, share images and video files or upload your state of mind, real conversations are taken for a toss. You can check more on the ways in which the lives of children can be streamlined and their phone addiction can be curbed efficiently.

Being aware of their whereabouts and conduct, you can have a direct intervention with them about the facts of the case. Through their phone addiction, the children are compromising with their sight, their creativity, rational and logical thinking and also succumbing to anti-social elements.

5 Ways to Stops your Child’s Phone addiction

There is a lot of harm that a smartphone can pose to individuals.

The addiction towards smartphones has led to an increase in the demand for spy applications. Parents have been concerned and curious about what their children are really upto. It becomes easier to lie and hide information and as parents, it’s your right to know the truth.

Therefore, the below mentioned apps offer a perfect platform for curbing your child’s phone addiction:

1. Minspy

If you have been a concerned parent too, you should sign up for Minspy to know where the phone addiction of your children is taking them. Minspy is a web based application that allows you to have a first hand view at your child’s engagements with the phone. You can view what your child is up to and how.

You can see your child’s phone record, GPS location, message deletions, call list, and even the library of apps.

You can actively see what your child’s intentions and priorities are. As a parent, you would be aware of the vulnerabilities and weak points of your child. It is your very moral and parental duty to find out if someone is exploiting your child’s vulnerabilities.


While spying on your child is important for ensuring their own safety, it is also important to be discreet about the same. You cannot just randomly take assistance of any cheap application that can risk your system and your child’s phone.

There are many alluring features that Minspy possesses that ensures that the application is full of promising functions. Some of these core features are as follows:

Stealth Mode

Minspy has a superb stealth mode. By virtue of this stealth mode, it is ensured that your spying secret is retained with you only. Your spying secret is never discovered by your children and the process remains totally discreet.

Even when it comes to registering and choosing Minspy’s services, it just asks bare minimum things. With something as small as the email ID, you can be up and running with Minspy.

No Jailbreaking/Rooting Necessary

You are not required to engage in any unnecessary downloads of the application. Unlike other spy applications, you are not asked to root or jailbreak through the target device. Rooting or jailbreaking through the target device makes you risky. It expands the room for getting caught.

It is amazing how with very little information, you can accomplish so much. If your child has an iPhone, the only thing that matters to spy on his phone is to know the iCloud credentials. Just this, and you wouldn’t even need your child’s phone at all.

When it comes to spying on your child’s Android phone, you would need to download the app. Actually, this is a non negotiable requirement with Android phones. You need to download the app, but you can hide the app almost instantaneously.

The downloading of the app does not change the functionality even little. The Minspy app has been designed to weigh only 3 MB and because of this, your children would never know that any spy app of any sort is existing on the phone.

Key Features

You can spy holistically from Minspy. From small nitty gritty to big revelations, you can see everything that your child is doing. You can see his call list, GPS locations, library of apps, social media exchanges. Basically, you will clone his phone.

The best feature definitely is the keylogger feature that also allows you to see the keystrokes made on their phone. The keystrokes range from deleting a message to typing but not ending something. This is almost like reading your child’s mind.

minspy keylogger details


To spy on your child’s phone, you cannot trust any first name that pops up on the internet. Minspy has an array of parents who are satisfied with its services. Minspy is by far the best way to not only see what your child is doing, but to also protect them.

Minspy has always won recognition accolades from technology giants. The client base is proliferating each day and the application is becoming a very coveted way of curbing your child’s phone addiction.

2. Spyier

Spyier is a good parenting tool. It allows you to see into your child’s phone and gauge each and every activity that they undertake. It offers all the features that are expected out of a spy application and has very reliable customer support services.

spyier banner

 3. Spyine

Spyine is a globally renowned spy application. It has an array of spy features that are trustworthy and prompt and offer parental control on your child’s activity. The stealth mode is well inbuilt into the very structure of the application.spyine box 2019

4. Spyic

Spyic has a lot of parental patronage. It has a neat interface and good functions that set it apart from other applications. Parents around the world trust the application in providing real state of affairs for their children.

spyic banner

5. Neatspy

You will get everything you expect from a spy application in Neatspy. The application has all essential features and clones your child’s phone as is. The app also has a good stealth mode that allows you to retain your secret.


You can check more information about why Minspy is the most trusted spy application. You should also know how parents have been successful in using it as an efficient parenting control tool.

The moment you sign up for Minspy, you have already addressed half of your parenting concerns. The application allows you the best possible way to connect with your children and guide them well in life.

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