Incorporate the Latest Web Design Trends to Attract More Traffic from Instagram

Web design trends

Instagram is the new star on the horizon for brands for bringing together both the social and mobile marketing endeavors. Several top-notch brands including Urban Outfitters, Chobani, and Taco Bell, are making the most of this opportunity of making Instagram content really prominent on their official websites. Since marketers are constantly thinking about creating online content precisely for mobile-first and mobile-only social networking sites like Instagram would be playing a pivotal role for the marketers.

According to “Consumers are inclined to engage with photos shared via Instagram more than a product photo because consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertisers. With Instagram, brands have the opportunity to showcase more than their product, but share the lifestyle around their brand.”

Initially, web design trends used to be infused with web-safe colors and some of the unique palate schemes.

Thereafter, the websites were screaming with text, general monitor resolution and also, HTML. However, today the world has become far more digital in nature. So it is important to incorporate the latest web design trends in your website design so that more and more Instagrammers are attracted to your website and once they visit your site they would get engaged and stay on your website provided they find it uncluttered with easy navigation, They would forsake your website at once if your website takes ages to upload.

Some Web Design Trends 2019  

Aim towards Fortifying Your Online Presence

The Internet is supposed to be a virtual shopping hub. A website needs to stand tall among the rest and forge well ahead of the competition. Your brand must have a robust online presence so that your audience can recognize your brand and business almost instantaneously. They would be visiting your Instagram account and then your website to see what unique products you have on offer and then they would be taking the buying decision. You must have an impressive website to grab the attention of the visitors from Instagram and keep them engaged so that they opt for conversion.

Boosting Online Traffic

Instagram content is visually very appealing and so it attracts instant attention of all your potential customers and is really helpful in converting website hits into real customers. Instagram drives more and more traffic to your website. If you create high-quality content and share it on your Instagram, it will generate curiosity in your target audience.

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They would visit your website. It is important that your web design does not let them down. Your website must come up to the expectation of the Instagrammers. It is necessary to post compelling pictures to attract more traffic to your website and even to boost the number of Instagram followers.

Web design coding

Using JavaScript: A Step toward Progressive Enhancement

Nothing could make your website better other than JavaScript. Therefore, web developers are utilizing this powerful tool for creating more interactive and engaging documents. There has been a heavy focus on functional programming.

More Attention to Bottom Sticky Elements

More and more users today are clicking right at the bottom of your page for navigating. In this digital era, mobile app designs are given prime importance. Therefore, web designers and developers must have sound web design knowledge and training in precisely the sticky menu items.

An Inclination toward the Split Screen Feature

Split screen designs are in vogue today, People are willing to pay for top quality services. It is best for web designers to adopt the latest trends and get prepared to enable split screen patterns for boosting the revenue and sales for your business. Additionally, the split screen feature would be providing really more enjoyable work environment.


Needless to mention the most crucial web designing trend is to opt for the mobile responsive design. The mobile first approach is here to stay and is definitely the must-have web design feature. There are several web design trends to keep up the pace with but only well-trained and professionally qualified web developers and designers could do the trick. They could easily implement the web design techniques and trends accurately.

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