Top 3 Web Hosting Hacks To Boost SEO


With sites like WordPress, it got easier to launch or build a website these days. But it is not that easy to maintain a website so easily. To make a website reach the success that it should and generate traffic you need to imply good strategies.

If you build a website successfully, to generate the desired traffic you need to apply a few SEO tactics. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while working on a website.

To improve the visibility and traffic of your website you always need purchase seo packages.

Here in this post, we will be discussing three powerful hacks that will help you to boost your SEO ranking.

Find The Best Web Host

Finding the best or rather the suitable web host for you can be a very difficult task.

A good host must have a good and strong network located near the point of presence. It also needs to come with ISP that has the nonnegotiable priority routing that is also known as Tier1 routing.

It needs to be equipped with excellent hardware based on multi-machine and multi-core hardware with RAID arrays that are based on solid-state hard devices and capability of discharging to reduce hardware failure and downtime. Make sure to keep the back-up of your website and as well as associated data on a regular basis.

Features like Content Delivery Networks or CDN and distribution of load points for common libraries like JQuery can help you to improve the load time of your website and also to reduce bandwidth requirements from the main host. This helps you to improve the website load times and user experience.

This CDN is used to co-locate images and video contents so that it can take the load from your main host. The HTML of your website and its operational code stays on your hosting server accompanied by Database and hence transactional information.

Given images and videos are placed on a network of hosting generally designed to serve the local users.

With the help of these features, a website is designed in a country if viewed or used from different countries that can easily be operated based on their location.

Wise Usage Of Plugins

You need to have a closer and better look at your plugin choices to turn your website experience better.

Though these plugins are extremely helpful to add bits of functionality, they can also slow down your website. Especially if you use too many plugins at a time. To avoid such situations, use only the ones that are necessary and delete other plugins from your website.

But it can be very challenging to find suitable plugins for the site. To solve this issue, find out the plugins from trusted sources and also the ones with good reviews and ratings. This will let you have a better insight into their reliability and credibility. Reviews will also let you know how compatible they are for your domain.

Also, try to aware of the bloatware plugins such as JetPack.

You might wonder, why we are suggesting you avoid it when they offer you various features. The reason is, as they are equipped with way too many features you might not be needing a lot of them for your website. And as a result, even though the modules are inactive but as the code is in the plugin, this will end up slowing your site speed. So, try to find the plugins that come with only the features that are said and needed for your website so that they do not end up clogging your hosting space.

You should always download websites that are needed and suitable for you. Do not download unnecessary plugins that will be useless for your website and the visitors.

Try To Attain Maximum Speed

When it comes to websites, its loading speed has a vital part to play in it. With the help of WordPress plugins, even the maximum speed can be easily attainable for your website. A quality host and fast and efficient theme can also be very helpful to boost the loading speed of your website.

But while using WordPress you will find themes that will make your website slower. So for a better result, we will suggest you use Colorlib or

You can also try compressing the images, videos, and codes in your web pages to have a more efficient bandwidth.

You can try WP-Smushlt to compress images. If you want to compress codes, BetterWordPressMinify can be of great help. As these plugins can work itself all you need to do is install them and then activate them.

You can also use an effective caching plugin to boost your page loading time. You can use W3 Total Cache.

 Just as they can be extremely helpful to use, even plugins can create trouble for you. There are plugins that can slow down your website making it take longer to load.

So while you are trying to boost your website loading time, try to apply these few tricks.

  1. Make sure to subscribe to the best hosting services, content delivery network and themes to make sure that your site speed is not damaged.
  2. Make sure to use static HTML over PHP. If you can deliver static content to the readers, it will be easier for your hosting server to load your page on their end.
  3. Do not overdo stuff on your website. Make sure they are brief and nice. Do not burden your website with lots of widgets. Try to show your post summaries on the home page and not the entire article and do not use a lot of unnecessary pop-ups. Just like speeding up your website, simplifying it can also be very helpful for your site and will help you to increase your conversion rate.


SEO comes with lots of moving parts in it. So you need to invest a lot of time, hard work and passion to do the best in here. While creating your website make sure to design it in a user-friendly way. Do not stuff with unnecessary features.

Make sure you design your webpage that it looks attractive to the users. Cause without good design it will be very hard for you to get good traffic. At the same time, focus on your title tag and Meta Descriptions as well. Cause these are the parts that are the deciding factors for the visitors if they want to click on the link or going to give a skip. At the same time, do not shy away from promoting your website on social media.

Just keep these few things while working on your website to gain better traffic and exposure on search engines and also can buy seo services packages.

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