What are the Benefits of Replacing Magnetic Glass Eraser Boards with Standard Boards?

Boards: The invention of glass boards is a significant boost in the industry because the boards have proved to be irresistible and good quality of glass boards are available in Fab Glass and Mirror.

Many people are accustomed to using standard and glass boards whose benefits range from being used in homes, residential, commercial and industrial places. Magnetic glass eraser Boards are designed to fit in any classrooms, offices, study rooms for kids, and in conference rooms for companies. With the increased rate of advanced technology, standard boards are becoming outdated, and glass boards are taking over them at an alarming rate. Their impressive design makes them suitable for the modern environment office spaces. The smooth contemporary finish of the cutting edge makes glass boards look modern and stylish.

The transparency of glass is an extra score since it makes it easier for the boards to blend in many interior spaces. Glass boards are referred to for their incredibility in transforming the image of an office to give it a professional touch.

Magnetic Glass Dry Eraser Board

Clear glass dry-eraser boards provide a lot of satisfaction because it has a modern, exclusive and aesthetic appeal. The glass used to make these types of boards is free from stain, scratches, ghosts, or dents. The dry eraser helps in even gliding over the board which leads to clear and smooth communication. The uses of these boards are:

  1. For Communication purposes within a home or office. This is an excellent option because your family members and co-workers can easily access information. The surface can be used to tack business cards, fliers, memos or other documents.
  2. Pinning up documents for chores, signing in and other events that happen in the company.
  3. They are used in presentations especially trivia games. This happens by writing the answer on board and pinning a piece of paper on top of it.
  4. Magnetic glass dry erasers boards can also are used for creativity through brainstorming. Actors who stage specialize their acting on crime dramas love using these boards; the same idea applies to meetings, collaborative spaces, and personal thinking spaces.
  5. Magnetic glass dry eraser board has technology that can be used for art projects and photo collages. Pin up the photos magnetically and use the transparent surface to create beautiful patterns using colors.

The use of these boards is a perfect choice because they come in several sizes, both from wall mounting variations to free state.

Features Of Magnetic Glass Dry Eraser Board

  • The glass is tempered, and the board is magnetic dry-erase, which is stains free.
  • Magnetic quality permits for the hanging of papers because it has different earth magnets.
  • Very convenient for use in places that experience regular traffic, for example, schools and commercial spaces.
  • Boards that are designed to be frameless are sophisticated which makes the design to have a floating effect on the wall thus, fitting in perfectly well. This leads to having an explicit focal point of your space.
  • Installation of the board is easier which includes mounting hardware that allows for hanging it either horizontally or vertically.
  • The whiteboard can be written on with any color of dry erase markers; the marker tray is always included.
  • They come in multiple board size and has a warrant of up to 15 years.

Clear Glass Dry Erase Board

Clear glass Dry erase boards have been in existence for a few decades and have very minimal changes in regards to their functionality. Their work is so straight-forward; writing, erasing, and repeating. With innovations, every day, the usage of these dry clean boards has proved to be more efficient than the standard boards.

Uses Of Clear Glass Dry Erase Board

  • Ideal for spaces that have moderate traffic and have got bulletin boards as doubles.
  • They are used in partitioning rooms. These boards give a place a sophisticated and striking appearance.
  • The clear glass dry erase board is used in the construction of glass tables. The tables are impressive and add warmth to any interior space, whether commercial or residential. A table is an excellent tool for people who love brainstorming while writing down notes. They are also a good deal for kids who always have the urge of writing on surfaces.
  • Boards of this kind that have mobile glass which is best used in receptions to meeting halls. The boards come fitted with wheels and frames. This provides for flexibility in moving it around with your points written down.
  • Clear glass dry eraser board is advantageous because the outcome leads to the board being customized in front of a different wall.

Clear glass board create an attractive atmosphere by availing a lot of opportunities for transforming the room without interfering with the room design. They are mainly being used in office design because you can order for custom made boards.

The boards are flawless, and their clarity permits the wall behind to be seen which when used in commercial spaces, it will give it a bright, non-visual distraction, and consistent finish.

Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board

Features Of Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board

  • The clear glass dry eraser board is sleek and neat, conveying a touch of contemporary style fit for today’s s office space interior décor.
  • The glass is easy to erase because it is made from tempered glass boards which are anti-stain, ghost resistant, hence used in a maximum erasing manner. The board can be sparkle clean in a few moments through the use of quartet.
  • The premium performance of these boards is constructed for heavy and moderate usage which has a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The clear glass dry erase board markers used on these boards come in several colors without the board being specifically white. The tags can be used to do the following:

  1. Labeling of frozen foods. Writing the dates and storage contents on your storage containers lid. The labeling helps in easy identification of food if it’s not fit for consumption.
  2. Making notes on your bathroom door or mirror. The markers have beautiful handwriting on the glass which will make the rest of your family members to get the information written quickly.
  3. Clear glass dry erase boards markers can be used to make dry erase cards though this is achieved through the use of index cards that have a clear 3″ packing tape. It forms a mini size whiteboard that fits in the pocket used for brainstorming.
  4. For marking miles and dates of the next service on your car’s windshield. This is done mostly by service shops, and sometimes they may forget putting it out on your vehicle. If your car lacks it, fine tip dry erase marker will be a useful tool for writing.
  5. Writing on your desk. Glass acrylic desks that are not colored can be written on things to do lists, notes, phone numbers, and any other relevant stuff. The writings are later easily erased.
  6. The solvent found in this markers dissolves a lot of permanent marker inks though cleaning maybe quite an uphill task.

The dry erase markers need testing on new surfaces before making your intentions clear on marking a surface. The reason here is, some brands are better than others. The following are advantages of these boards.

I. The glass boards are incredibly long-lasting.

The glass is made from tempered glass which is stronger than the ordinary glass. Combination of the glass with standoff hardware that support the board are also potent, thus, can be used for a more extended period.

II. The boards last as much as you want them.

The boards are so durable in that they last up to the time you need a replacement done. The back of the boards can be customized with the company’s or family logos too according to your taste.

III. Installation of the board is cheaper.

The boards are fixed with a maximum of two people so that the company does not go into expenses of installing them

IV. Cleaning is simple because they never ghost.

The surfaces of the boards are easy to wipe off dirt because the surface is nonporous in contrast to traditional standard boards.

V. Eco-friendly whiteboard.

Dry glass erase board is a green product because of the tempered glass which is recyclable and sustainable.


I. They are expensive compared to standard boards. Their good durability effect and quality help in getting value for the product and services make it quite expensive.

II. The glass is more substantial compared to their magnetic counterparts.

III. The boards are much more challenging to photograph especially after discussions or meetings when using a flash camera.

IV. The transparent quality of glass can reduce the writing quality on the board.

The following are some of the best top dry erase boards found in the market.

√ The Luxor Double Sided Mobile Dry Erase Board which measures 96″W by 40″ H with magnetic surfaces and a reversible board that can be written on twice. It is found on Amazon.

√ VIZ-PRO Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard with a silver Aluminum frame from Zhengzhou AUCS Co., Ltd.

√ The Quartet Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard/Board. The board is frameless, has a white surface, and an infinity of GC9648W-A. It is a product of ACCO Brands which gives a sophisticated design to a space with an eccentric focal point.

The invention of glass boards is a significant boost in the industry because the boards have proved to be irresistible and good quality of glass boards are available in Fab Glass and Mirror. Their wide array of sizes has brought in a lot of creativity in decorating our homes and businesses. No significant loss for standard boards because glass boards are the next right thing that ever happened in the building, commercial and residential industry.

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