What are the Regulations for Online Betting in Nigeria?

Regulations for Online Betting: Here’s a detailed article about the History of Gambling in Nigeria, top Sports to Bet on in Nigeria, and how to Bet Online in Nigeria and all you…

Nigeria is known for many different industries. Primarily, Nigeria is known for its agriculture industry. Products cultivated in the country are sent all around the world and especially help feed nearby countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also a big player in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry. The industry actually provides 70% of the government’s revenue. Other industries like banking and infrastructure are also prominent in Nigeria. But what about the online gambling industry in Nigeria. Where does it stand today and how did it get there?

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The History of Gambling in Nigeria

All gambling in Nigeria is overseen and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. They are responsible for overseeing land-based casinos and ensuring everything gambling-related remains above board. Online betting is regulated by the Nigerian Lottery Commission. Bookmakers must have a license in place for land-based activities, but there is no regulatory framework for online activities. As such, the industry is extremely competitive.

The lottery in the country is relatively new, being legalized in 2005. Joining the lottery in the legal gambling activities are sports betting and land-based casinos that have a license and are able to be monitored and checked. Lagos remains the main destination for gambling with many casinos operating as part of hotel resorts in the country’s largest city.

The future of gambling in the country may depend on the digital rollout. Online betting is extremely popular but is relatively recent. The improvement to internet capabilities and the accessibility for those unable to attend physical sportsbooks means there could be a further boost to the industry. Digital industries are still fairly new and haven’t been fully adopted yet across the board.

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Top Sports to Bet on in Nigeria

Sportsbooks, being one of the legally permitted gambling avenues, are popular across Nigeria. This comes from the country’s love of sport and the tradition of wagering on the outcome of sporting fixtures. Typically, the most popular sport in the country – as with many other nations – is football.

Football is popular in Nigeria due to the introduction by Britons stationed there in the military, through missionary schools, and passed throughout the country with those building the railroads. The sport caught on so much that Nigeria even won the gold medal for it at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta in the USA. Top footballers hailing from Nigeria include John Obi Mikel and Jay-Jay Okucha. The Super Eagles national team also qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

Other top sports include basketball, which gained traction in the 1950s. The sport became even more popular when Nigerian Hakeem Olajuwon joined the NBA in the 1990s. Athletics and track and field sports are also popular in Nigeria, with many prominent Nigerian sportspeople becoming successful in their field. Boxing was popular in the 1950s and 1960s but has since fallen out of fashion. This was probably due to Dick Tiger and Hogan ‘Kid’ Bassey and their abilities in the sport.

How to Bet Online in Nigeria

Betting online in Nigeria is accessible for many. There are various sites that offer easy setups of accounts with many offering a range of different sports to bet on. Some extend this to other activities such as political events and competitions. Primarily the major sports in Nigeria are heavily focused on popular events from the country and around the world. Most sites do offer a welcome bonus to attract customers and the competitiveness of the market can be seen through this.

For those betting at online sportsbooks, most have flexible options for making payments. This means that those without bank accounts or who don’t want to rely on bank transfers are still able to wager on sporting events. 40 million people in the country don’t have access to a bank, a 2019 study discovered. So, to appeal to these potential customers, it’s important that alternative payment methods are accepted.

For those sports betting, there are a range of alternative payment methods available at Nigerian betting sites. These include Flutterwave, which is a popular online payment gateway in Nigeria and can be used to send money around the world. Other options are Paystack and Interswitch. The former is used by 60,000 businesses around the world and has a trustworthy reputation, while the latter is an e-payment, of which 49% of all payments in Nigeria were made, in 2020.

Some people may opt to use a bank transfer or standard payment method, which is also widely accepted. However, there is a lot of distrust in Nigeria regarding ATM fraud so many people actively distrust the banking frameworks and may opt to manage their finances in another way.

Nigeria has such a thriving online gambling industry due to the regulations surrounding it. It has also been aided by the wider rollout of internet in the country and the accessibility for those without banks to make deposits and withdrawals using mobile devices. As digital industries become more prevalent, we could see the online gambling industry in the country continue to thrive.

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