What Every SMTP Email Hosting Needs

Smtp email configuration

One of the most beneficial services accessible on the internet is Email. The transfer of a message from one user to another within a few seconds seems easy. However, there are several procedures behind this technology. There are various internet systems involved in transferring of emails. The majority of them use SMTP as a mean to transmit email between sender and receiver. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol acts as a postman. Through smtp email hosting, the messages are collected by the server, and they are delivered to the recipients.

Requirements for SMTP

Before setting up a hosted SMTP, it is essential to know its prerequisites. You are required to attain the following information from your email service provider or mail administrator such as:

  • Host Name: This is the main hosted email platform for your SMTP server. In other words, you have to choose a specific service like Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Port: You have to select a port to give access to your mail server to create a two-way communication. There are three main ports (25, 465 and 587), which supports SMTP.
  • SSL and Authentication: You have to decide whether or not your SMTP server will include SSL connections and authentication (SSL and authentication is recommended).
  • Username and Password: Finally, you need to have a unique username along with a password for the mail account.

Setting Up an SMTP Connection

Following is the standard procedure for setting up an SMTP connection:

  1. Choose “Account Settings” option from the “Tools” menu of your hosted email service.
  2. Select the “Outgoing server (SMTP)” option
  3. Click the “Add…” button in order to create a new SMTP. Once clicked, you will see a pop-up window
  4. Simply fill all the details, such as
  • Description: An informal name to identify the server (recommended using names of the email hosted services like Yahoo or Gmail)
  • Server Name: Server specification of SMTP
  • Port: It could be any port (25, 465 or 587)
  • Connection Security: It is recommended to use SSL extension
  • Authentication Method: Keep password as your authentication method
  • User Name: Enter your email address.

Once you successfully configure SMTP, you can build your mail server.

How does SMTP work?

Through SMTP hosting, your email is delivered to one or multiple recipients in the following steps:

  1. Email from sender’s device is transferred to the SMTP server
  2. From the SMTP server, the email is then moved to the domain server
  3. Once it is reached to the domain, the email is then passed to the POP/IMAP server
  4. Finally, the POP/IMAP server delivers the message to the end-user (recipient)

SMTP email hosting plays an essential role in creating fast and rapid bilateral communication through email. This is why it is important to follow all the conditions in order to set up SMTP with accuracy. There is no rocket science involved in fulfilling the needs of the SMTP server. Follow this guide for best results.

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