What happens during surrogacy?

The first step to proceed with surrogacy procedure is that you need to check that whether surrogacy is right for you or not as this is a very long and emotional procedure.

surrogacy procedure

From the perspective of the surrogate mother, it is a life-changing decision for her and it requires full commitment and support from her family also. To become a surrogate mother at Select IVF India, Dr. Nalini Gupta properly examines each woman for medically and psychologically to ensure the highest success rates.

From the perspective of intended parents, the surrogacy procedure is a blessing for those couples who were struggling to have an own baby and they try other reproductive treatment but all were failed to provide them the successful outcome. Also, surrogacy is a procedure which can be opted by same-sex couples, different-sex couples, and singles that were looking to expand their family.

How the surrogacy procedure is performed?

At Select IVF India, Dr. Nalini Gupta performs the surrogacy procedure in two ways (i) gestational surrogacy and (ii) traditional surrogacy.

(i) Gestational Surrogacy: In gestational surrogacy, Dr. Nalini Gupta will collect the eggs and sperms of the intended parents and mix them together to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization takes place she will transfer the resulted embryo into the surrogate mother uterus. The surrogate will carry the baby in her womb for nine months until the baby delivery. With this procedure, the couple will have their own genetic baby.

(ii) Traditional Surrogacy: In traditional surrogacy, Dr. Nalini Gupta will use the donor eggs and fertilized them with the sperm of intended father or vice-versa to facilitate fertilization. Once fertilization will occur the resulted embryo will be implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. This is a procedure where the surrogate mother is a biological mother of the baby she carries.

Legal procedure of surrogacy

Once both parties are decided to move forward, they need to sign a mutual concern which states that surrogate will carry the baby until the baby delivery and hand-over to his/her intended parents. The intended parents are ready to bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother until baby delivery which includes her monthly compensation as well to take care of her to deliver a healthy and disease free baby.

Once the legal documents are signed Dr. Nalini Gupta at Select IVF India will begin the embryo transfer procedure. She will give the medication to intended mother or egg donor which help to develop her eggs and will undergo for the retrieval process. The eggs are fertilized in the laboratory to create an embryo and the generated embryo will be placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed and the baby’s heartbeat heard, the surrogate mother will receive her full compensation.

Welcome your baby

After a long process of surrogacy, finally, the day has arrived when you hold your baby in your arms which is the most precious moment of your life that has changed your entire life. After that the baby born and surrogate mother have discharges from the hospital, the new family and the surrogate mother will return to their home.

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