What to Do When You’re Chilling by the Pool on Vacation

Chilling by the Pool on Vacation

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Heading out on a plane to somewhere hot, with nice drinks, good food, and a lovely cool pool for you to hang out around. Of course, when you are away for a couple of weeks, you might feel yourself becoming a bit worried about what you will do to pass the time during those slow days around the pool. Sure, you can relax and forget all about life’s worries, but sometimes the brain simply needs a little more stimulation than that. If this is the case for you, then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of fun activities for you to do when you go away, and these will all be discussed in more detail below.

Read a Book

We’ve all heard of a good vacation book, haven’t we? Sitting around the pool, sipping a cold drink, and reading about something factual or fictional so that your vacation is laced with even deeper levels of escapism. As such, why not get yourself a good vacation book to take away with you for those moments around the pool when you’re chilling out? A lot of people put pressure on their choices but there’s no need. There are plenty of lists filled with book suggestions that you could consider. Not only that though, but there are also kindles and other eReaders that you can fit an entire library onto. This means that if you start reading one of your books and it’s not as good as you thought it would be, you can simply buy another or start a different one within your library.

Play Games on Your Phone

If you enjoy playing games, doing so portably has never been easier thanks to the massive array that is now available on our mobile phones. Some of the most popular now are online gambling games that people can’t seem to turn away from. There are several different sites out there meaning coming across the best online casinos in australia and other countries has never been more straightforward. Simply do some research into different websites and pick the one that sounds like it appeals to you the most.


When you are abroad, have the head of the sun shining down on you, and nowhere that you need to be, it is in a perfect time to look inwards and begin meditating. Meditation comes with a huge range of different benefits and people often struggle to get into it. There are apps available to help you, but sometimes you’re just not in the right, calm environment. So, when you are in the right environment on vacation, why not take advantage of it? You will be surprised how much meditating sets you up for the day.


When you go on vacation and get to spend your time sitting around the pool and chilling out, as nice as this is, sometimes you need to do things to entertain yourself. If you are looking for suggestions, then be sure to consider the above.

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