When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Best Time: Many things can influence your decision to settle for a particular month as the best time of the year to buy a new car.

You are probably wondering, “When is the best time of the year to buy a new car?” If you’ve spotted an ideal car, you can wait until December to buy it. All car prices tend to change with seasons, and the deals are usually more affordable at the end of the year.

Best Time

A lot happens with changing time, and the prices in January may not be the same as prices in December. December comes with many discounts and promotions, which affects nearly all the products in the market. That makes it an ideal month to buy a car.

Many things can influence your decision to settle for a particular month as the best time of the year to buy a new car. That’s why you may have varying answers to this question.

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car in Canada?

Many factors can determine the best time of year to buy a new car in Canada. You can find affordable car deals in the following days and months of the year.

1. End of the Year: December

Research has shown that most car buyers prefer to buy their cars in the last week of December. That can sometimes spread to January, depending on the seller’s goals. The primary reason for that gets attributed to the sales plan the car sellers have.

Most sellers plan and divide their sales into monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals. So they will do their best to make sales in the last month of the year to achieve their yearly targets. Most of the sellers will reduce their car prices as possible.

2. Early in the Week: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

Suppose you are wondering how the day of the week matters in car purchasing, then you should study the engagement of salespersons over the week. Salespersons usually make multiple sales during the weekends, making it hard to negotiate for discounts.

Going over the weekday may earn you the salesperson’s full attention. They may have the time to listen to you and offer you discounts. You’ll also have more time to ask questions and settle for the best deal that matches your lifestyle.

3.End of any Month

If a car seller makes a monthly sales quota, this might be a good opportunity. When the salesperson fails to meet the sales quota in time, they’ll get motivated to do everything possible to have you buy the car. So, you can get huge discounts.

However, you shouldn’t get blinded by lucrative offers the dealer is willing to give you. If they go so low with the prices, you should seek a reason for that. If they provide a substantial reason, then you may proceed with the purchase.

4. End of a Car’s Era

There are moments manufacturers announce they will no longer manufacture a given car model. While such an announcement can affect stakeholders such as Surex, that need such information to arrange effective insurance plans, you’ll benefit from it.

When the car’s era is coming to an end, the manufacturer may release the remaining cars at a lower price. That will allow you to purchase one of the vehicles you’ve always desired to own at a lower price. Always stay alert to such announcements.

During Public Holidays

While all holidays in Canada may seem the perfect time to purchase cars, you should avoid buying one during Family Day, New Year, or Easter. The main reason to buy a car during a public holiday is the promise of quality time.

Here are some of the ideal holidays to consider.

  • Boxing Day.
  • Labor Day.
  • Thanksgiving Day.

The three holidays are probably the best time to consider when buying a car in Canada. Sales are usually high, and that might earn you some discounts. Many car dealers are busy closing in on as many clients as possible.

The End of Car Model Year

If you have been eyeing a specific model of a car but couldn’t get it when it was still the talk of the town, you can always wait until the company announces the approach of a new model. That means a drastic drop in prices of the old model you were eyeing.

The best time is when the new version starts hitting the market. There is little concentration for the outgoing model, and there is no better time to strike a deal on the car. That could be the best time of year to buy a new car and settle your heart.

October and November

If you are waiting for the best time of year to buy a new car, Canada offers October and November. Within these two months, you can arguably get some of the best discounts on car sales. Many car sellers want to close sales at that time.

You can’t turn away from lucrative discounts, which may see you acquire a car you have been eyeing for a long time. However, the theory depends on many other factors, like the company’s sales turnover ratio you’re buying that month.

End of Car’s Design

Anytime the manufacturer wants to redesign but maintain a given car model, you stand to gain your end as a consumer. The redesign is rigorous such that the outcome will provide a different look from the old version.

When this happens, it means the old design will no longer please the manufacturer, and they might want to sell them off quickly. That may mean selling them off at discounted prices, and you will be lucky to buy a car at that moment.

Final Words

Now that you know the best time of year to buy a new car, you need to choose the right date that works best for you. Consider the options we’ve mentioned to help you find the best car deal. Take full advantage of the discounts available at the time of purchase.

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